Everyone should think about this hate-raising in every media, ive experienced in various social medias that they are manipulated just to make people full of hate and anger, all kinda devices manipulated/hacked, computers assaulted, apartments eavesdropped in every finnish city, gangstalkers following cars, stalking when you go for a walk, privacy invaded 24/7, but whos profiting of all this? You need more police, security, military weapons in the middle of all the fear, hate and corruption but no one is inspecting why mass murderers go insane, are they trolled and manipulated in Internet/social medias? Its just easy to say they have mental problems.



New system (Deepin linux) working otherwise great but google requesting some searches like insults, like spams, like done by fucking trolls, and of course based on internet stalking, google as corrupted as facebook, manipulating people?

Only way to solve this problem is to remove the search bar, you can probably troll me with various other ways, all that matters is advertising, is this the reason the android TV is not working either?

I leave the option open it might because of the Deepin Linux but its definitely not fucking the android TV. Anyone else noticed Internet is just a big fat manipulation machine nowadays, manipulators probably creating these mass murderers too.


Twitter, connection or phone manipulated again, cant get verification code to phone, cant login.

ps. Whats with Securitas Oulu, scared to answer phone? Strange co-incidence again, their guard drives to Kaakkuri Citymarket after me, parks his car behind my car and leaves when i leave, if he didnt know who i am someone is giving them orders to follow me, same shit been going on in Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Oulu.


For a longer period of time (many years) the most of the promo music emails i get have something to do with stalking/death/murder/cancer/etc, only depressing topics for depressed geeks. Now one thats hinting about “burning a widow”, so are these fake promo email senders threating to burn/murdering my mom now with their directed energy coward frequencies? This is the reason i delete most of the promo mails immediately nowadays, just music/coverart created for spamming, murder-hungry trolls. Also these fake promo emails are many times based on stalking/eavesdropping…

So i can say 100% sure someone (or some “intelligence” agency) is manipulating emails or Internet traffic, as they manipulate social medias. You can still surf Internet “freely” if you use Tor-network (recommending Tails for all freedom fighters) and not log-in to any service, if you login, youre identified.



suddenly my email is full of promo this and that, for a longer time it has felt like everything is manipulated in corrupted internet, social medias, emails, etc… FUCK YOU CRIMINALS, i dont give a fuck if you are military criminals or corrupted intelligence agencies or corrupted fucking cops or ministers!!!

btw. today again, went walking with dog and two criminals with little planes came flying above me and spraying chemtrails, Oulunsalo nazi scum! Lapland air command criminals? This started immediately when i moved here, some big heroes with little planes or high altitude drones stalking when i go out from this apartment, also following my car too. Is this ordered by government or is it just military corruption?

little bit annoyance in twitter too, cant read private messages, fiber optic cable or twitter manipulated?


Anyone else ever thought about this hatetrend all around the world, in the U.S., in every european state, probably in Russia too, Australia? Thought this for a longer time based on my own experiences and it looks like people are manipulated to hate each others, stalk each others, people get pissed off because every social media is manipulated and theres annoying radiation everywhere drilling your brains and body. More than hating someone or some group of people everyone should think about who benefits of this all, is it multinational corporations, filthy rich people or someone else?


Let me tell you a little story about email traffic manipulation, this been going on for years now. Anyone can send fake emails but theres some criminals controlling email traffic too, hard to say is outgoing or incoming mails controlled but somewhere in the internet stream manipulation/control happens. For example theres many record labels sending a release sometimes, release that is good for spamming/trolling/stalkers, but not getting all of their catalogue even if the whole catalogue would fit to the blog. So only thing that makes sense is that email traffic manipulation/control happens . Be warned, it probably happens to everyone, emails are manipulated like social medias.