Wrote about this in my earlier blogs too, sometimes wondering should i be just proud that im recognized and stalked in many finnish cities, maybe i have achieved something with my opinions and funny pics, maybe they do the same (stalking, stalking, stalking) to all celebrities in Finland, followers just want to get an eyeful of the people they follow. But gotta say it really gets annoying sometimes, especially these radio frequency assaults and apartment stalkings, are my opinions too strong in todays new world?

There seems to be so many people who wants to be stalked and followed, they go to big brother house or some other reality show and hope someone remembers them after couple of years. Also theres some radio hosts who desperately want to get their face on telly because noone recognizes them otherwise in the streets and surveillance cameras. Yeah BB Finland, you got my attention with your ridiculous BB advertisement, shame on. Stalking (when it goes too far and your privacy is raped daily) is an cowardish act. Finland is probably the only nation where Big Brother reality TV is still popular, or is it?



Oulu TE-toimisto or the guy who decides cuttings of my unemployment benefit seems to be keen of numbers 44 and 666. Last time they were threating to cut benefit was 4.4. and now 9.9.2019, really childish.

ps. and i still remember those few job offers from Helsinki TE-toimisto that were based on blog stalking, not what i can do i or what i have studied, really childish too. When i tried to call about it, all their phone lines were suddenly dead, what a co-incidence.

ps2.Based on my experiences feels like TE-toimisto is hating their customers not helping them.

ps3. Tässä vielä vastaukseni (tuen maksaminen katkaistiin 9.9.19, viimeksi 4.4.) selvityspyyntöön kaikelle kansalle: ” Niin, mistäpä saisin apua sähköherkkyyteen,tai mikä se onkaan, olisiko teillä viisailla ohjeita? Voisitteko vaikka avittaa tutkimuksiin lähettämisessä Ruotsiin, siellä kun tuntuu olevan tietotaitoa asiasta, Karoliinisessa instituutissa. Tai missä voin yleensä työskennellä jos välillä autolla ajaessakin tulee sydämessä,päässä tai sisäelimissä tuntuvia säteilyiskuja ja meinaa taju lähteä, joskus näitä tulee myös kävellessä tai ruokakaupoissa. Rovaniemellä kävin useissa tutkimuksissa eikä mitään vakavaa ei löytynyt, TE-toimiston työntekijät ehdottivat keskusteluterapiaa ja mielialalääkkeitä (sentään jotain ehdotettiin, hatunnosto siitä), jotka eivät mielestäni ratkaise asiaa. Olen auttanut itse itseäni vitamiineillä, jotka auttavat hetkeksi, ja menemällä koiran kanssa luontoon, kauas säteilevistä tukiasemista. Jos tämä ei riitä selvitykseksi, tiedätte mitä voitte tehdä, teillä on valtaa.”


got a warning yesterday, now they are silent but immediately today, like striking back, all their vacuum dust, or some other poison, pumped to our apartment, something that makes you feel like you cant breath, this has happened earlier too, i know your dirty little games.


Yesterday was walking in the street nearby with the dog and the electrosmog meter. I got measurements that wasnt there couple of months ago, continuous radiation everywhere, not very strong but its constant, maybe 5G? In the same street about 2 months ago there was still areas that had no electromagnetic frequencies at all. Brave new world? In some countries they seem to ban the building of new masts but Finland is always living in a stone age or is this the country where dangerous technologies are tested first? Politicians only wake up if something happens to them or their relatives?


Apartment stalkers have some way to know which room i go, then they walk above that room and drop something to their floor,  BANG, they know if i go to kitchen, living room, toilet and other rooms. Not sure if it has anything to do with constant radiation in this apartment, with EMF-meter it looks/sounds like it reacts to movement, maybe IoT criminals like in metsokangas?

Apartment eavesdropping is obvious.


Bit frustrating to turn on telly in the morning just to see theres all kinda experts (greenpeace expert, green party minister, etc.) debating about the climate change and carbon-neutral Finland but not a word of electromagnetic frequencies everywhere burning the insects, animals, humans and probably the nature too . Is the wireless tech industry so huge business that politicians are scared to talk about it? Salary is so good its better to talk about something neutral, not making anyone angry with own opinions, peaceful chit-chat where everyone agrees but nothing happens, utter nonsense for the stupid TV-viewers. I understand that the climate always been changing and theres lot of pollution out there but not a word about brain-melting frequencies causing all kinda strange symptoms, many probably dont even know their little migraine, skinburn, stroke or hearth palpitations might be caused by frequencies.


Found out already in Rovaniemi that bluetooth system in dads car had some number/device attached to it, couldnt see what it was but the system was radiating strongly every 7 seconds (thats probably why dad got heart problems while driving, then cancer), i was able to remove the connected device/s but not to see what it was. NOW in Oulu the bluetooth system has been actived (system starts asking questions) twice remotely without me pressing the buttons, so when the system is actived, all the criminals can follow you around and possibly radiate the car with murderous frequencies..

Car followers/gangstalkers in Rovaniemi/Oulu include some cops (hope not all are corrupted), security firms (Securitas/ISS), military (Lapin lennosto/Lapin raja), little kids with some smart phone app and some garbage truck firms in Oulu, plus a lot of civilian gangstalkers who get the information where i park the car. THEY CAN MURDER people with these remote techniques, probably not even Google/NATO satellites needed to radiate people to death, or at least they can slowly create cancer with everyday targeted radiation.

Not sure if this has anything to do with TOYOTA but at least the bluetooth system is totally manipulated.