Let me tell you a little bedtime story, story i wrote earlier in my earlier blog in finnish. When i moved back to Rovaniemi, about 2 years ago, our old dog was still alive. Whereever i went walking with him, we drove some places nearby, there was these little bicycle perps following me with their stupid phones. Sometimes they came pointing me with finger or shouting “thats it, thats the guy.”. It looked like they were hunting me like they hunt virtual targets in Pokemon Go -styled games. It got so frustrating i started hating these stupid manipulated children who were brainwashed by some military guys who are probably running these corrupted satellites too. I wasnt going to kill them but i felt like someone should teach them a lesson if their parents arent going to do it.

Around that time there were some articles that Pokemon Go wasnt just about virtual goals it was also about hunting humans. Regarding to what i experienced those articles were telling the truth, intelligent agencies/military are using little brainless children to hunt people and maybe photographing them. Also remember thinking that when the next little brainwashed nerd comes pointing me with that stupid phone, the phone is going to fly to the nearest lake or forest. So again one example how your children are just slaves of some fucked up military system. And like i told to you little blogreading maggots earlier, the older boys are using helicopters/hornets/military vehicles to hunt me, probably brainwashed slaves too, just trained to hate people.

ps. yesterday i watched Ramola D report #81, story about a woman working for some U.S. government agency, gangstalked with all hi-tech equipment, lot of same what happening to me in Rovaniemi/Finland, gonna post more about that later.

ps2. Let me update this little bit with what i remembered. Once we drove to this so called asuntomessualue – neighbourhood, parked my car, soon two little bicycle perps with stupid phones came looking for something, other one said to other nerd that “here should be some DOOMBOY”, im not sure if i heard that name right but thats what it sounded and they were hunting some “pokemon”, probably these “special targets” they have to find quick. So if i had an intelligence agency i could find out what game/company had a target called that and sue these corrupted bastards manipulating little kids. If it was Pokemon Go, i remember reading its owned by Google?

ps3. immediate update, when i wrote that ps2. i was assaulted immediately, some strong frequency or sound that felt like my ears are ringing and head explodes, FUCKING MURDERERS! I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF THiS iS DONE BY GOOGLE/NSA, whoever is doing this they try to murder me!!!!!!!!


social media manipulation, email manipulation, trollarmies , ads based on corrupted stalking, manipulated schoolshooters, all these things happen nowadays. If they can get a man at my age to rage with twitter/facebook manipulation, spams, what they can do to little kids? They can create perverted little monsters who stalk or even kill others. Ive seen even in this neighbourhood how parents or grandparents control their children to stalk me or to show me some handsignals in our frontyard, little kids who arent capable of stalking or hating anyone yet unless their narsistic parents/grandparents tell them to do these things. Yes, manipulated schoolshootings/violence/masskillings exist. And i didnt even mention how these radiofrequency assaults affect to your mind, assaults that even corrupted police/military/intelligent gangstalkers been doing to me and probably to other finns as well.

ps. nothing to do with this above but did i ever mention these hornet terrorists have assaulted local library too (remember at least 3 times) when i went there, low flying terrorist assault just to let me know they follow me, also if i go to this particular grocery store, they have assaulted too, fucking nazi scum, totally out of control.

BAD COP “documentary”

Documentary about “scandalous” Helsinki drug squad cop/cops who were involved in drug smuggling/sex slave trading.

From my point of view this is nothingburger compared to my experiences in Helsinki/Rovaniemi, ive been hunted by corrupted security firms, radiated by corrupted cops, assaulted/stalked by hornets and helicopters, maybe even corrupted satellites involved, stalked by neighbours (eavesdrop nuisance/corruption started over 20 years ago) and now it feels they try to murder me with targeted radiation even at home , radiation in car that burns my internal organs, etc.. So Aarnio-case feels like bullshit, theres much worse things going on in Finland…of course i have no evidence, i have no intelligence agency.

ps. But one thing really annoys me, if Helsinki drug squad was doing these crimes, rolling cocaine barrels, selling whores, it happened same time when G4S,Securitas,Turvatiimi were stalking me.

ps2. and of course if finnish government knows about that some citizens are guinea pigs, radiated on purpose, or they know about these corrupted satellites, they are criminals as well.

RAMOLA D REPORT 78: Military/CIA RF-Assaults

Interesting, also scary, information about how they can use phones to stalk your bodily functions and satellites to manipulate people, cause health problems, drive them insane, even “create” schoolshooters. This would explain many strange symptoms i experienced already in Helsinki (and what my dad experienced in Rovaniemi), suddenly your legs go numb, suddenly you feel like getting a heart attack, suddenly you lose your memory, suddenly your brains feel like exploding and your nose starts to bleed, suddenly your internal organs are burned when you drive, etc. AND last but not least this would explain how these fake profiles/spammers/social media manipulators always know my symptoms.

If politicians know anything about these, they are scared to have any strong opinions about world politics. “free thinking” is the biggest enemy so they have to manipulate even little schoolkids to not think too much. Just do what your smart phone tells you and youre decent stupid citizen.


Interesting document about scifi writer Philip K Dick who knew/or guessed already in the 60s/70s that governments lie and they control us with cams and satellites. See also the book about “zap gun”, it seems to be reality in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. Died quite young, maybe he knew the truth or too much?

ps. and again, when one particular car drove away from frontyard, massive grilling to my brains in living room, felt like an murder attempt, they seem to know in what room i am, like they stalk the toilet and bang the toilet pipes, this must be military corruption, fucking nazi scum.

RAMOLA D REPORT 82: censorship

as i tweeted about this earlier, theres some similar experiences ive had during years, like an pro-assault to shutdown all my connections and devices. Connection is 10 times slower than was promised, phones/modems/emails stalked/hacked, sites blocked, uploads blocked, communication breakdowns, blogs sabotaged, social medias manipulated, etc. list is endless. But how anyone can be sure who to blame? Is it FBI, CIA, NSA, SUPO, KGB, swedish intelligent boys, MI5, MI6, finnish military unintelligence or some overweight pimplefaced geekmeister fucking with your devices and connections? I should have my own intelligence agency to figure this out and send these unintelligent stalkers to jail.

Also seen a pattern if i install a new OS and they cant access my computer, then they slow down the connection, so there might be some unintelligent-men-in-the-middle.


Starting from around 1:18 marker, something similar ive seen in the sky of Rovaniemi, especially in the dark winter times. Brightly glowing star-like thing that is slowly moving and seems to travel the same path around Rovaniemi every day. I was thinking last winter its some kinda spy satellite, because this is military area, but not sure if its weaponized too, it would explain a lot, how apartment is stalked, how car is followed, all those loud bangs to walls, loud bangs to roof, sometimes many times a day. So who knows maybe they can target people too, “satellites are the new artillery” and so on…