RAMOLA D report 77

Gangstalking gone crazy in the UK too, neighbours (perps) stalking every room in her house, notifying her by shouting or banging walls/doors/cardoors, her devices weaponized (thought about that too, laptops/phones could be targeted (radiated/zapped with enormous electromagnetic force)), they can manipulate her to feel she cant breath (maybe some frequency or some poison pumped into her apartment), noise harassment/insults when she goes out. And of course if youre searching for help , talk about stalking and corruption, youre labeled crazy (sounds familiar). Shes also been studying in Oxford same time as Dr Katherine Horton and been gangstalked there too, so something devious going on there, organized perverts of Oxford hunting students? Oxford needs same kinda cleaning than Google did? Same story all around the world, if people get too much money/power, they think all kids want to suck their cock.

Once talked about gangstalking to finnish police and he said never heard about it, so maybe its time to renew police academy education, this gangmadness happening everywhere, are people bored out of their narrow mind or are they brainwashed?

DAVID ICKE – mind control death trap

interesting truths to broaden up your narrow mind: reptilian race, 5G mind control, rings of saturn, simulated lifes, frequencies of life and death etc…

RAMOLA D report 88

Strange things happened to this girl, mind control, sex slavery, torture, alternate personalities, nanochips found from her body, weird heavy metals/drugs found from her hair/blood samples, etc. And all this could happen to anyone in this sickened controlled world, schoolkids, politicians, military, etc. not to forget shoolshooters/massmurderers who are manipulated, hearing voices that command them.

American “Zersetzung”

Just a short take from this article by Karen Melton Stewart

“Some targeted individuals even are secretly injected with RFID chips to locate and monitor them like pet dogs, but also experimental medical chips that can time-release drugs, cause movement or pain involuntarily to the victim, direct electronic weapons more precisely, or break down muscle, tissue, bone, etc. to simulate deterioration caused by disease to better understand the disease process.”

I remember one strange blood sample taking from Helsinki, nurse was shaking all over when i sat there and she missed the vein first, then tried again and succeeded, maybe she was just shy because im so tall. But sure it feels like theres some nanotech inside me, at least one in my brain, that these psychopath stalkers are using to torture me in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. And how these perverts also follow where i walk? Satellite corruption or chip inside me?

RAMOLA D report 84

interesting, if i understood right, Marc telling he could see a spike in his server traffic when many of these terrorist-attacks happened, and more interesting to me (sure its important to see when terrorist attacks happen but why FBI is hanging up the phone if he calls them, they dont want to know?) is that CCTVs might be hacked too, they have viruses, so what i told you earlier about my experiences, it felt like facebook/soundcloud manipulators could stalk all security cams around Helsinki and same going on now in Rovaniemi, theres too many eyes watching these cams, so keep on harassing your customers with those fucking cameras and sending those insulting ads, THEY STALK YOUR ASS TOO, all work-day long. If cams are not hacked, at least military seems to watch them, hornets been assaulting to local grocery stores and local library when i go there. And i think theres many ways to access those cameras, they are probably installed with some kinda cable, hardwire connection, but im sure its possible to watch them wirelessly too.

ps. has nothing to do with this video, but i started hearing people telling this joke/mantra “life is a live broadcast” around 4-5 years ago in Helsinki, then little bit smiling and hahahaas after that like its a funny/cool joke, let me tell you the truth, ITS NOT A JOKE AND THERES NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT IT.

RAMOLA D report 81

Watched this earlier but actual also in Finland, workplace mobbing and gangstalking. She hears some insults at work even workmates mouth is not moving (maybe some kinda speaker harassment there too), her car is followed by some psychopaths (familiar with that), helicopters/drones stalking too (what i told you earlier), so most of the things shes telling ive experienced here in Rovaniemi, City of Santa Claus or something. Sometimes wondering how many “adults” are even more childish than schoolkids.


All these happenings in Rovaniemi are straight from some gangstalkers manual, stalker terrorists trying to break your apartment, your car, some kinda poison gasses to apartment, military/border guards following you, assaulting with helicopters/hornets, stalking your devices, maybe they even get extra-pay to destroy everything, to murder me, at least they are war heroes in their facebook nazi-loser group.

Let me tell you another example from last summer, loud noise, roof was shaking, like someone desperately trying to get some supporting pillar/wood to break, from the sound i thought there must be some hydraulic pump used to this terrorism, just like the one what i just saw this one neighbour had in his garage.

What happens if they can break that supporting roof wood/pillar?

ps. And if theres any humanity and non-corrupted authorities left,  please someone stalk/hunt down these military bastards terrorising people, some of them (i hope not all) are out of control.

ps2. I rarely, never, stalk neighbours/anyone in internet, but now i had to find some information, and there seems to be a link between my neighbour and these border copters (Lapin rajavartiosto) that started hunting me soon before they moved here, AND maybe theres a link to Lapland air command too, they know when i go out from the apartment, they know when i open my modem, when i drive to grocery store/library/etc, theres been copters even harrassing my walks/jogging. GANGSTALKING IS TERRORISM, GANGSTALKERS ARE COWARDISH CRIMINALS! And got lot of spam/fake profiles that theyve been watching this apartment with some hi-tech equipment, maybe those thermal cams. Its scary that these military psychopaths have probably some directed energy weapons too or at least they know the murderous frequencies better than anyone.