Think what you think but these ladies are talking about many similar experiences than ive had. Theres lot of electromagnetic radiation out that everyone can feel but some (or should i say many) of these assaults have nothing to do with phones/wifis/etc. , those frequencies cant explain some stronger assaults ive experienced, for example the one in the middle of the Central Park Helsinki. They also can target different body parts with different frequencies, sometimes you feel it in your head, sometimes in lungs, kidneys or some other internal organs. Gotta say im bit jealous that they are talking about targeted individual communities in the U.S., in Finland you are totally alone against the corrupted criminals and perverted stalker boys. Maybe they hunt women in Finland too?


This might not have anything to do with particular car brand but someone can open/close locks remotely without me even touching the key, radio frequency criminals? When i walk to the car, doors are opened before i press the key. This happened many times in Rovaniemi and also in Oulu. So be warned, your remote controlled locks can be opened easily too. Maybe they do these from satellites? Also some other weird stuff that feels like remotely controlled.


Satellite wars in the news so little abstract about my experiences. In Helsinki my jogging routes and grocery shoppings were stalked, internet trolls always knew when i felt enormous radiation (suddenly almost fainted) in the streets, tram, etc. apartment stalking and eavesdropping too. In Rovaniemi almost the same plus that some pokemon (or similar hunting game) player kids knew my location and were hunting me, wherever i parked my car they came fast and sometimes were shouting “thats the guy” or pointed me with their finger. Also military always knew where i parked my car or where i walking. Lapland air command was totally corrupted, sometimes low dives when i was walking. And now in Oulu, apartment eavesdropping, surveillance abuse in some grocery stores, Tokmanni and one gas station at least. So maybe this is the new world order or is it just corruption? I think finnish government can do nothing about satellite corruption but they could do something to this corrupted security and abuse of surveillance cams, its total rape of privacy in every finnish city.

ps. So let me ask this again, how some predators are hunting me in every city and same time even little girls are raped? How theres always resources to stalk/hunt me but not rapists and other criminals?


electromagnetic pulse weapons, sonic weapons and V2K exists, what theyre not telling us yet? The guy acting and showing how electromagnetic pulse weapon feels is exactly how i felt many times in Rovaniemi apartment, it felt like someone tried to murder me. bitchute

ps. and military can break electronics with EMP weapons, makes me think of all those car troubles in Rovaniemi and now.. car parts breaking bit too often.







INGUNN SIGURDSDATTER – the freedom rebel

You really dont see this kinda talkshows/opinions in finnish democratic TV-stations, just the same boring celebrities and politicians talking about their crappy new album or fake political promises, even inspective journalism seems to be controlled. Another interesting interview that everyone should listen, even if you dont agree on everything it makes you think, again, and some actual topics thats happening in Finland too, like how the elderly people are treated like shit in this amazing wellfare country (im not blaming the people who work but the government thats acting like anti-robinhood), steal from the poor and rule, simple as that. Well, appreciate the lady who can think outside the box (the system).


Let me tell you a little story about email traffic manipulation, this been going on for years now. Anyone can send fake emails but theres some criminals controlling email traffic too, hard to say is outgoing or incoming mails controlled but somewhere in the internet stream manipulation/control happens. For example theres many record labels sending a release sometimes, release that is good for spamming/trolling/stalkers, but not getting all of their catalogue even if the whole catalogue would fit to the blog. So only thing that makes sense is that email traffic manipulation/control happens . Be warned, it probably happens to everyone, emails are manipulated like social medias.