Again, some kinda remote murder attempt immediately when i was alone in this Oulu apartment, frequency or something…  They stalk when im alone like in Rovaniemi and then cowardish murder attempt. Also some fucking coward stalking always when i open the computer and banging some wall or something.


Anyone else ever thought about this hatetrend all around the world, in the U.S., in every european state, probably in Russia too, Australia? Thought this for a longer time based on my own experiences and it looks like people are manipulated to hate each others, stalk each others, people get pissed off because every social media is manipulated and theres annoying radiation everywhere drilling your brains and body. More than hating someone or some group of people everyone should think about who benefits of this all, is it multinational corporations, filthy rich people or someone else?


After all these happenings in three finnish cities ive been still thinking sometimes that MAYBE its just electromagnetic hypersensitivity MAYBE its just all these RANDOM frequencies around us, but its not. People like me are radiated on purpose, probably even murdered slowly, not even sure are these assaults radio frequencies or are they some other technique but they can create artificial symptoms to anyone, they can murder people while they are sleeping. Isnt it strange that trolls and social media manipulators always know your symptoms even if you dont talk about them to anyone.

After all these happenings in three finnish cities i can say finnish defence minister is out of reality, or is he out of control, dreaming of a totalitarian new world order? Dreaming of a 100 new fighter jets and 1000 new policemen like that would solve all the problems in the world? You should be defending finns, not hunting and assaulting them because of opinions.

After all these happenings in three finnish cities i can say this as a 100% truth, there is police corruption, military corruption, security corruption and intelligence corruption.


Think what you think but these ladies are talking about many similar experiences than ive had. Theres lot of electromagnetic radiation out that everyone can feel but some (or should i say many) of these assaults have nothing to do with phones/wifis/etc. , those frequencies cant explain some stronger assaults ive experienced, for example the one in the middle of the Central Park Helsinki. They also can target different body parts with different frequencies, sometimes you feel it in your head, sometimes in lungs, kidneys or some other internal organs. Gotta say im bit jealous that they are talking about targeted individual communities in the U.S., in Finland you are totally alone against the corrupted criminals and perverted stalker boys. Maybe they hunt women in Finland too?


This might not have anything to do with particular car brand but someone can open/close locks remotely without me even touching the key, radio frequency criminals? When i walk to the car, doors are opened before i press the key. This happened many times in Rovaniemi and also in Oulu. So be warned, your remote controlled locks can be opened easily too. Maybe they do these from satellites? Also some other weird stuff that feels like remotely controlled.


Satellite wars in the news so little abstract about my experiences. In Helsinki my jogging routes and grocery shoppings were stalked, internet trolls always knew when i felt enormous radiation (suddenly almost fainted) in the streets, tram, etc. apartment stalking and eavesdropping too. In Rovaniemi almost the same plus that some pokemon (or similar hunting game) player kids knew my location and were hunting me, wherever i parked my car they came fast and sometimes were shouting “thats the guy” or pointed me with their finger. Also military always knew where i parked my car or where i walking. Lapland air command was totally corrupted, sometimes low dives when i was walking. And now in Oulu, apartment eavesdropping, surveillance abuse in some grocery stores, Tokmanni and one gas station at least. So maybe this is the new world order or is it just corruption? I think finnish government can do nothing about satellite corruption but they could do something to this corrupted security and abuse of surveillance cams, its total rape of privacy in every finnish city.

ps. So let me ask this again, how some predators are hunting me in every city and same time even little girls are raped? How theres always resources to stalk/hunt me but not rapists and other criminals?