Guess i slept too much last night so other update about social media experiences, your kids might be manipulated too, so this is a global warning as well.

Last time used it 5 years ago but what i remember ads were based on every day stalking, maybe surveillance abuse, eavesdropping, they knew what i bought from grocery stores or from stockmann etc. maybe corrupted cops/intelligence even stalk credit card payments and give that info to losers of advertisement agencies. Also stream was manipulated to make me depressed every time i opened facebook.

Been using it right now, someone is manipulating “you may also like” -section and stream also manipulated to make you depressed. And of course countless amount of fake profile stalkers.

Well you guessed, disturbing targeted advertising based on surveillance abuse/apartment eavesdropping, maybe even satellites used to stalk where i walk. Android tv (DNA TV hubi) seems to be stalked/manipulated too, disturbing ads based on cowardish gangstalking.

Based on these experiences russians are doing a wise move creating their own internet, if there were REAL defence forces, i mean REAL DEFENCE FORCES not some puppets of NATO in Finland they would shot down the corrupted satellites and create closed internet for finns.

ps. gotta add wordpress is still working fine, hope Google isnt buying/ruining it too.


Someone else (TI) was writing about this, so let me tell you about fake police siren sounds i hear every day in this area, or if theres a police operation every day, sometimes many times a day, then those sounds are real. Couple of times when i opened the window (in this apartment) , police siren starts somewhere in the distance, or i go walking with dog to different places, immediately when i step out from the car police siren starts somewhere in the distance, so it feels like its artificially made like in Rovaniemi these military gunshots when i went out from the apartment or came back from the grocery. Also many other sounds that feels like artificially made just to disturb me and to let me know they stalk this apartment and tail the car every day, maybe even corrupted satellites used?

Also “funny” incident with church bell nearby couple of days ago, it rang when i went out from the car and also when i came back to my car, after walking a few minutes with dog


This has happened multiple times while driving Toyota (dunno if this has anything to do with car brand), but suddenly internal organs or heart are targeted with some enormous frequency, nothing wrong with my heart when i stop the car, might be because of random radiation or modern weapons/satellite weapons are used in murder purpose. Surely it felt like a murder attempt again.

ps. and yesterday was a good example of security corruption again in Kaakkuri S-market, Securitas guard had also similar frequency in use what cops used in Helsinki trying to murder me. Is there any laws to multinational security firms, they should hunt rapist/criminals, not my grocery shoppings.

ps2. Isnt it strange ive experienced same kinda gangstalking and murder attempts in Oulu, Rovaniemi and Helsinki, if i go to doctor nothing is found?


No matter of political views i see some strange things happening to popular policians too. Makes me think that if they have too strong opinions or they are becoming TOO POPULAR they are being targeted like me, with modern day technology/weapons. Couple of examples, Timo Soini got very popular and he got some stomach problems, Touko Aalto was experiencing some “stress” and now Antti Rinne was getting too popular and he got some strange symptoms, plus there might be many politicians that arent telling about their strange symptoms, they might suddenly faint like me and nothing is found when visiting doctor.

And gotta mention about voting systems, if theres any kinda computer-based voting around, trust me, it can be manipulated. Modern computers can be manipulated even if you dont open the connection yourself.


Same shit you see here every day, Rovaniemi, Helsinki, same shit everywhere in Finland. Would like to see more people like this who are waking up, theres also chemtrails you cant see, chimneys/cars poisoning the air… and parliament just stalking about SOTE bullshit 30 years, lame new laws for stalkers to rape our privacy even more, like they are living in a stone age, people are tired of that bullshit, ..


chemtrails we see every day, smart dust you can breathe, nano rfid chips (released over 10 years ago) you can accidentally eat, probably tested on humans, no permissions asked, would explain many strange symptoms that are triggered on certain times, suddenly you cant breath, suddenly you feel getting a heart attack, suddenly your kidneys are aching, your internal organs are grilled when youre driving, etc. every day is a torture for targeted individuals, theres a murder spree going on…



Former security guard blowing some whistle, based on my experiences this is the truth or at least part of it. Noticed in Helsinki that lower level security guards are just pawns commanded by police or higher level security personnel. They didnt know me but someone told them always to follow and hunt me in grocery stores around Helsinki. Wrote already in Helsinki that im waiting for the day when one finnish cop or security worker reveals the truth, but they are probably scared to become TIs themselves.

ps. and never repeating this enough, while i was gangstalked in Helsinki there was someone rolling cocaine barrels in East-Böle and not a single security guy/cop was checking who this was. Yes, i have issues and traumas about this, why some people are stalked just for fun and same time rapists/criminals/corrupted bastards are running free?