Covid19 raging but heres interesting finnish article about possible health effects of smartmeters, might be the reason of my health problems in Rovaniemi, Metsokangas and this apartment. Is there some criminals running free who know how to use smartmeters to criminal activities, to slowmurder people, cause cancer on purpose? At least intelligence agencies mentioned in this article, about their use of collecting information through smart meters, could explain the everyday eavesdropping, apartment stalking and internet trolling? Murder-hungry trolls and stalkers, youre fucking scum and losers!

As i wrote earlier i had strange symptoms in Rovaniemi apartment, always immediately when i was alone in that apartment, so it felt like someone tortured me on purpose, stalked when i was alone. I also suspect dads cancer was developed because of smart meter radiation; all the meters were closest to our apartment.

Similar torture continued in Metsokangas/Oulu, brand new smart meter blew up after 4 months usage, only from our apartment, so it felt like done on purpose too.

In this apartment i have felt strange sudden voltage changes sometimes many times in a row, torturous radiation (can measure its coming from the direction of smartmeters). Radiation might affect to internal organs, lungs, brains, etc..

ps. and who are these losers manipulating every social media? twitter, soundcloud, facebook, etc. ?

KOVR 13 TV News Reports on Californians Subjected to Organized Stalking

Exactly same what i experienced, they can target feet, stomach, heart, skull and probably more.. and fake profiles/spammers knew my symptoms in Helsinki even if i didnt told them to anyone.

i was also tortured during night in Rovaniemi, and trolls knew they burned my lungs.

these criminals probably murdered my dad too.

TI RALLY speeches part1

Exactly same going on in Finland (Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Oulu), criminals stalking apartment, hacking computers, sending insulting finnish ads/spam based on eavesdropping, remotely torturing even in this apartment (like happened in Rovaniemi apartment), and as i wrote earlier ive seen also corrupted cops/security using these remote torture frequencies. Even in Attendo next door, strange behaviour from the people who work there, OR are they patients?, they seem to stalk when i go out from the apartment, and ISS Oulu has at least some gangstalkers working (like in Rovaniemi).Gangstalkers know when i go out, where i park my car and they have access to all security cameras.And guess i mentioned earlier some military seems to be involved too. Feels like im being slowly murdered.

ps. and let me add this question again: “How many they murdered already?”. You cant track these criminals but with right frequencies they can cause you stroke, heart attack and many other symptoms.


Are all these people crazy? Many similar experiences than ive had in Helsinki and Rovaniemi, some symptoms might be caused by normal electromagnetic radiation (phones, wifis, etc.) but ive even seen people who try to target people with these frequencies, dirty cops in Helsinki tried to murder me or at least tortured me remotely. And these happenings in this apartment, murderous radiation has started many times immediately when im alone in this apartment. Plus all these corrupted car followers, military planes and copters doing totally corrupted and cowardish gangstalking in Rovaniemi.

ps. And what happened after this hearing in the U.S.? Probably nothing. THESE SAME CRIMES HAPPEN NOW IN FINLAND, FUCKING MURDERERS!


There was this news about U.S. air force admitting testing so called non-lethal (slow-murder) weapons in crowd control situations. Ive been thinking about my experiences in Helsinki/Rovaniemi, sudden murderous radiation (nothing to do with mobile data/EHS) sometimes in the streets (also in the middle of the woods and central park) of Helsinki and Rovaniemi, all these corrupted car followers, my location was also shared to some smartphoner stupid kids in Rovaniemi, Lapland air command/Border helicopters started hunting me already then when my dad was alive. Is this NATO collaboration something that american satellites and directed energy murder weapons are also used in Helsinki and Rovaniemi, just to harrash/murder people for fun? If theyve been used for longer time in Rovaniemi they probably murdered my dad too, he got these sudden heart troubles, then pancreatic cancer… now ive been radiated murderously in this apartment and have same health problems than my dad.. are military just slow-murdering their own citizens all around the world? Brave new world. If finnish government knows about these stalker satellites and non-lethal murder weapons they are murderers too! Are you cowards murdering my mom too and our little dog.

ps. And most of times when i have felt murderous radiation or got some strange health problems, these spammers/fake profiles/twitter manipulators know about it, isnt it strange?

ps2. If U.S. air force is not involved then you might know who is remote torturing/murdering people in Helsinki and Rovaniemi too.

RAMOLA D Report 92

Strange incidents in Canada too.. too much to write everything… weird symptoms (v2k, forced movements/speech, electromagnetic harassment, sudden memory loss etc.) after doctors examination… some chinese guy admitted he worked with psychotronic weapons for 10 years… even the police visiting her apartment experienced voice2skull, she has sent 100 letters to canadian parliament/government but they really dont care (surprising), petitions against the use of psychotronic weapons etc.  Many think people experiencing these are crazy but im sure frequencies and remote weapons are tested on civilians all around the world, even in Finland.


Thought to post Bill Binney interview next but this was even more interesting. These women (and people all around the world) are experiencing similar remote torture as i told you earlier, sudden heatwave/radiofrequency/microwave/whatever assaults and there might be even satellites used to these global criminal activities. Only total cowards torture/murder people remotely.