infomercial about targeting, these crimes are real all around the world, they are happening to all no matter what race/religion you are, they try to label me to this and that but ive been just fighting against these new world terrorists and writing about security, police and military corruption. On video they ask “where is law enforcement?”, ive seen how corrupted police are targeting people too, all they need their phone and some murder frequency.


ps. today i didnt feel anything, but little dog started panicking, many write that these military cowards target/murder pets too.

OLE DAMMEGÅRD – terror in Denmark

controversial theories about that some of these terrorist attacks are set up (false flags) by “power pyramid” also known as the new world order or illuminati whatever (some bunch of too rich geeks anyway). Dunno about those theories but i agree theres some kinda fear-raising era going on, they scare people too much, terrorists everywhere and only terrorists ive seen in Helsinki and Rovaniemi are the people who stalk/hunt others without any good reason. Like if security guard came
to “guard” me in grocery store in Helsinki, some people thought im a dangerous
terrorist and were shaking. So if they were hunting me, and probably other innocent sausage buyers, it tells me theres no real threats/terrorists in Finland, just lame bloody STREET THEATRE to make people scared. Of course people get angry if they are followed 24/7 with security cams/satellites and manipulated in every social media, then security and police are needed.

ps. Couple of similar happenings from Helsinki-Vantaa. Security always recognized me and sometimes one of them came “guarding” me and other people thought im a terrorist. This kinda corruption should be criminalized, if i havent committed any crime and they have no real reason to watch me. Its almost same than adding my photos/information to some web page and label me as a terrorist.

pa2. Then these 2 cops from Helsinki-Vantaa, other one was pointing me with camera from that techshop, just to let me know they are stalking me and im the biggest terrorist in that airport, fucking cowards, dont you have any real terrorists?


Thought to post Bill Binney interview next but this was even more interesting. These women (and people all around the world) are experiencing similar remote torture as i told you earlier, sudden heatwave/radiofrequency/microwave/whatever assaults and there might be even satellites used to these global criminal activities. Only total cowards torture/murder people remotely.

American “Zersetzung”

Just a short take from this article by Karen Melton Stewart

“Some targeted individuals even are secretly injected with RFID chips to locate and monitor them like pet dogs, but also experimental medical chips that can time-release drugs, cause movement or pain involuntarily to the victim, direct electronic weapons more precisely, or break down muscle, tissue, bone, etc. to simulate deterioration caused by disease to better understand the disease process.”

I remember one strange blood sample taking from Helsinki, nurse was shaking all over when i sat there and she missed the vein first, then tried again and succeeded, maybe she was just shy because im so tall. But sure it feels like theres some nanotech inside me, at least one in my brain, that these psychopath stalkers are using to torture me in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. And how these perverts also follow where i walk? Satellite corruption or chip inside me?

RAMOLA D report 84

interesting, if i understood right, Marc telling he could see a spike in his server traffic when many of these terrorist-attacks happened, and more interesting to me (sure its important to see when terrorist attacks happen but why FBI is hanging up the phone if he calls them, they dont want to know?) is that CCTVs might be hacked too, they have viruses, so what i told you earlier about my experiences, it felt like facebook/soundcloud manipulators could stalk all security cams around Helsinki and same going on now in Rovaniemi, theres too many eyes watching these cams, so keep on harassing your customers with those fucking cameras and sending those insulting ads, THEY STALK YOUR ASS TOO, all work-day long. If cams are not hacked, at least military seems to watch them, hornets been assaulting to local grocery stores and local library when i go there. And i think theres many ways to access those cameras, they are probably installed with some kinda cable, hardwire connection, but im sure its possible to watch them wirelessly too.

ps. has nothing to do with this video, but i started hearing people telling this joke/mantra “life is a live broadcast” around 4-5 years ago in Helsinki, then little bit smiling and hahahaas after that like its a funny/cool joke, let me tell you the truth, ITS NOT A JOKE AND THERES NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT IT.