Nippa nappa viittiikö tästä kirjoittaa, ei sentään säteilytetty murhaavasti kuin joissain turvakamera -paikoissa, MUTTA kun tämä on tätä Suomen, ehkä maailman, laajuista surveillanceabuse -vyyhtiä, niin laitetaas stoori päiväkirjaan.

Muutaman kerran käynyt Knuutilankankaan K-marketissa, joskus vain parkkeerannut ohimennen pihaan koiraa ulkoiluttamaan, niin kaupan lastauslaiturinurkassa olevaa kameraa kytätään selkeästi reaaliajassa, ehkä myös kaupan kameroita, ja annetaan ymmärtää, TAAS, että kyttäämme sinua joka paikassa. Kun kävelen koiran kanssa ohi, seinässä oleva tuuletin laitetaan pariksi sekunniksi päälle ja heti pois. Tapahtunut sen verran usein, että mainitsin asiasta myös kaupan nuorelle myyjäneitoselle, sanoin myös että en epäile heitä ja että kirjoitan samanlaisista tapahtumista blogissani. Kaupassahan on taas Securitaksen tarraa ovessa ja Oulussa uutisoitu että poliisi voi stalkata kameroita reaaliajassa, kumpaa sitten syyttää? Joko tai, äärimmäisen lapsellista touhua.

Samanlainen ilmastointilaite-manipulointi oli myös Rovaniemellä Nivavaaran K-marketissa, kun parkkeerasin pihaan, nousin autosta, kamera tuijotti ja ilmastointilaite laitettiin hetkeksi päälle ja pois. Usein Securitas “sattui” siihenkin kauppaan yhtä aikaa, vaikka olin ainut asiakas, sekin ajojahti loppui kun soitin heidän pomolleen.

ps. ja yläkerran lapsiperheen kyttäysmetkut jatkuvat, pikkulapsi pään päälle paukuttamaan kun laitoin kaapelimodeemin päälle, vessakäyntejä kytätty myös, BANG BANG.


Satellite wars in the news so little abstract about my experiences. In Helsinki my jogging routes and grocery shoppings were stalked, internet trolls always knew when i felt enormous radiation (suddenly almost fainted) in the streets, tram, etc. apartment stalking and eavesdropping too. In Rovaniemi almost the same plus that some pokemon (or similar hunting game) player kids knew my location and were hunting me, wherever i parked my car they came fast and sometimes were shouting “thats the guy” or pointed me with their finger. Also military always knew where i parked my car or where i walking. Lapland air command was totally corrupted, sometimes low dives when i was walking. And now in Oulu, apartment eavesdropping, surveillance abuse in some grocery stores, Tokmanni and one gas station at least. So maybe this is the new world order or is it just corruption? I think finnish government can do nothing about satellite corruption but they could do something to this corrupted security and abuse of surveillance cams, its total rape of privacy in every finnish city.

ps. So let me ask this again, how some predators are hunting me in every city and same time even little girls are raped? How theres always resources to stalk/hunt me but not rapists and other criminals?


Minister Häkkänen said in some interview about illegal immigrants that there cant be people in Finland whose daily routines they dont know anything about, sounds fair, but how far this stalking of everyones daily routines can go?
Starting from the Nokia phone or apartment eavesdroppings over 20 years ago in Rovaniemi, out of control surveillance in Helsinki, then military corruption in Rovaniemi, car followers/pedestrian hunters/air strikes etc. and some air force officer even bragging about that “everyone is being followed”. Why they even need police in Rovaniemi anymore if military is playing new world order (schoolbullying game for adults)? Ministers probably know how much information there is available of every finnish citizen but they arent telling it because otherwise they cant rule.


Thought to post Bill Binney interview next but this was even more interesting. These women (and people all around the world) are experiencing similar remote torture as i told you earlier, sudden heatwave/radiofrequency/microwave/whatever assaults and there might be even satellites used to these global criminal activities. Only total cowards torture/murder people remotely.

American “Zersetzung”

Just a short take from this article by Karen Melton Stewart

“Some targeted individuals even are secretly injected with RFID chips to locate and monitor them like pet dogs, but also experimental medical chips that can time-release drugs, cause movement or pain involuntarily to the victim, direct electronic weapons more precisely, or break down muscle, tissue, bone, etc. to simulate deterioration caused by disease to better understand the disease process.”

I remember one strange blood sample taking from Helsinki, nurse was shaking all over when i sat there and she missed the vein first, then tried again and succeeded, maybe she was just shy because im so tall. But sure it feels like theres some nanotech inside me, at least one in my brain, that these psychopath stalkers are using to torture me in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. And how these perverts also follow where i walk? Satellite corruption or chip inside me?



Remember reposting this graphic multiple times already in Facebook, pre-2014, after that i was manipulated out by some stalker manipulators and fake profile manufacturers…now someone manipulating twitter, or my connection, too. This graphic is exactly how ive felt about this modern society, spy grid is so good you have to be a security guard, border guard, police, drug cop, customs officer, intelligence to commit crimes. And while they are doing whatever they want, im followed, apartment eavesdropped, watched, devices hacked, car followed, grocery shoppings stalked and now feels like theyre trying to murder me, even these helicopters/hornets been assaulting, whatever chemtrails/nanotech they are dropping by flying so low.

Everyone in this world knows Aarnio-case so let me tell you an “lighter” example. Even ministers been talking about that “snuff rally” is a huge crime cartel now. When i heard that i immediately thought theres even cops, border guards, military people, customs boys who have their upper lip stuffed with that shit (and maybe white lines in the corner of their nighttable), SO WHY DONT YOU ASK FROM THEM where they get their snuff and stuff, i doubt all of them driving to Sweden to buy it.

I dont know if this going on in Finland have anything to do with NSA, FBI, CIA, KGB, GESTAPO, STASI, Swiss fucks etc.. but ive been hunted during years by security, police, military, border guards and some corrupted civilians…and what ive done, written something/said something/saw something, so theres some kinda crime cartel going on, maybe its global, maybe its not.


Let me tell you a little bedtime story, story i wrote earlier in my earlier blog in finnish. When i moved back to Rovaniemi, about 2 years ago, our old dog was still alive. Whereever i went walking with him, we drove some places nearby, there was these little bicycle perps following me with their stupid phones. Sometimes they came pointing me with finger or shouting “thats it, thats the guy.”. It looked like they were hunting me like they hunt virtual targets in Pokemon Go -styled games. It got so frustrating i started hating these stupid manipulated children who were brainwashed by some military guys who are probably running these corrupted satellites too. I wasnt going to kill them but i felt like someone should teach them a lesson if their parents arent going to do it.

Around that time there were some articles that Pokemon Go wasnt just about virtual goals it was also about hunting humans. Regarding to what i experienced those articles were telling the truth, intelligent agencies/military are using little brainless children to hunt people and maybe photographing them. Also remember thinking that when the next little brainwashed nerd comes pointing me with that stupid phone, the phone is going to fly to the nearest lake or forest. So again one example how your children are just slaves of some fucked up military system. And like i told to you little blogreading maggots earlier, the older boys are using helicopters/hornets/military vehicles to hunt me, probably brainwashed slaves too, just trained to hate people.

ps. yesterday i watched Ramola D report #81, story about a woman working for some U.S. government agency, gangstalked with all hi-tech equipment, lot of same what happening to me in Rovaniemi/Finland, gonna post more about that later.

ps2. Let me update this little bit with what i remembered. Once we drove to this so called asuntomessualue – neighbourhood, parked my car, soon two little bicycle perps with stupid phones came looking for something, other one said to other nerd that “here should be some DOOMBOY”, im not sure if i heard that name right but thats what it sounded and they were hunting some “pokemon”, probably these “special targets” they have to find quick. So if i had an intelligence agency i could find out what game/company had a target called that and sue these corrupted bastards manipulating little kids. If it was Pokemon Go, i remember reading its owned by Google?

ps3. immediate update, when i wrote that ps2. i was assaulted immediately, some strong frequency or sound that felt like my ears are ringing and head explodes, FUCKING MURDERERS! I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF THiS iS DONE BY GOOGLE/NSA, whoever is doing this they try to murder me!!!!!!!!