Truth about manipulation of the whole Internet coming out soon, slowly but surely.


Remembering the 70s, 80s, 90s, i had nothing against advertising, advertising was just short commercials on TV,  nothing to get mad about, they were funny or ridiculous. Around 25 years ago, MySpace was cool, social media was amazing, you could connect with people all over the world, even online dating was working, then they invented targeted advertising. Immediately Myspace ads was based on apartment eavesdropping or internet stalking, i got furious, who is this fucker stalking me and sending insulting ads/spams, WHO IS THIS FUCKING LOSER, I WANT TO TEAR HIS LAMER HEAD OFF!

Now, the most of the people know how it has developed, if you say something bad about advertising you are slayed in digital world, trolled and manipulated in biggest social medias, you are dirt that must be hunted and murdered with modern technology military weapons. Richest politicians (ex-ministers) can use your Twitters you may also like -section under their election campaign, they get their face there by paying huge sums of money, hundreds of troll profiles and social media manipulation are probably bought with same money as well.

When Google builds a data center (for their ads) to some small finnish town, everyone bows Google, God is nothing compared to that, Google brings jobs and wellfare to our little town, in Google we trust, Hail Google! But what happens when Google decides to leave, who do you trust then?

ps. If someone thinks im using lot of time to these blog writings, youre wrong, this took approx 15 mins, takes a longer time to write a one sentence album review to my other blog.


Everyone should think about this hate-raising in every media, ive experienced in various social medias that they are manipulated just to make people full of hate and anger, all kinda devices manipulated/hacked, computers assaulted, apartments eavesdropped in every finnish city, gangstalkers following cars, stalking when you go for a walk, privacy invaded 24/7, but whos profiting of all this? You need more police, security, military weapons in the middle of all the fear, hate and corruption but no one is inspecting why mass murderers go insane, are they trolled and manipulated in Internet/social medias? Its just easy to say they have mental problems.


New system (Deepin linux) working otherwise great but google requesting some searches like insults, like spams, like done by fucking trolls, and of course based on internet stalking, google as corrupted as facebook, manipulating people?

Only way to solve this problem is to remove the search bar, you can probably troll me with various other ways, all that matters is advertising, is this the reason the android TV is not working either?

I leave the option open it might because of the Deepin Linux but its definitely not fucking the android TV. Anyone else noticed Internet is just a big fat manipulation machine nowadays, manipulators probably creating these mass murderers too.


Something totally fucked up in Internet in Finland, no matter if i use modem, direct connection or wireless it feels like some criminals are controlling (been controlling many years) everything what i do. For example cant upload new profile pic to twitter, have to try many times no matter what OS i use, every social media feels like manipulated. Now joined and cant even update my profile information or read some pages. Smells like military crimes, again, or is SUPO acting like Gestapo nowadays, controlling some Internet node like control maniacs? Anyways some sick bastards trying to control everything we do in Internet, probably have nothing to do with social medias because my profiles been manipulated since i used Facebook over 5 years ago.