Fort Meade Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons

Old truths from 2006, some of these techniques are also used (also police) to murder finnish people, dunno if government knows about these experiments, if they do they are murderers too.


december murder attempts at apartment: today again murderous radiation (or sonic weapon) to apartment, even the dog noticed it, suddenly almost fainted, Rovaniemi gangstalkers/corrupted military (border patrol/lapland air command) always know when im alone in this apartment. In the beginning of december some kinda poison gas pumped to apartment (thru walls i guess) and i suddenly couldnt breath, this has also happened on specific times so it has felt like murder attempt. All these happenings, including many years of eavesdropping and stalking of this apartment (also some neighbours always know when i go to backyard or frontyard) are directly from some gangstalking manual. They also know when i go to toilet and been banging sewer pipes or making this strange toilet flushing sound immediately when i go to toilet. I told my mom they probably try to murder me before i move and thats what they really trying to do.

Like i said earlier corruption in Rovaniemi started over 20 years ago with eavesdropping of apartment and phones, internet harassment, thats why i think they murdered my dad.

RAMOLA D report 102

unbelievable story, abuse in catholic monastery, nanochips found from her body, murder attempts at her home, slow murder weapons to create cancers etc. are we just guinea pigs of electronic nano warfare, horrible crimes against humanity done by out of control military/intelligence criminals? no one can just make up these stories? would be nice to once see some of these nanochips taken out from people but as we know those microchips in our dogs, theyre ancient technology already.

ps. personally i think theres politicians who know about and allow these crimes