Little breakfast monology about street theatre. Ever wonder why all these “guarding” units are needed, at least in this tiny town, theres border guard, military police, police, security firms and all other military patrols hunting you, like Lapland air command. And nothing else happening, peaceful town, only chaos happening are these military/security/border units fooling around. So thats why they have to create something like this burning car in our neighbourhood, it was just waiting many weeks to be burned and when it burned it was moved away immediately, why they didnt move it away before it was burned? And who burned it, did they catch the “terrorist”, they should because they stalk this neighbourhood, apartments, pedestrians with satellites and thermal cams.

And if theres no criminals, they stalk, stalk, stalk, stalk you until you lose your temper and then some security geeks are needed. This childish hunt started in Helsinki, if i went to grocery shopping security guards came guarding me and grocery shop workers were sometimes scared as hell (some of them were shaking of fear). There was G4S, Securitas, Turvatiimi at least securing my shopping all around Helsinki. And what happened when i moved to Rovaniemi, Securitas in all little grocery stores wherever i go. And when securitas stopped following me some other people continued (cops, border guards, military personnel, etc.). Also security cams are used just to disturb your peaceful grocery shopping. They have no idea how many people are watching those dirty cams, its not just clerks or some security firm, live footage seems to go to military too, and maybe to local police as well, who knows maybe even NSA,FBI,CIA are watching those grocery cams if they want.

Yesterday btw, 10:30pm, border helicopter flew too low above this apartment, AGAIN, they probably had some war mission going on or just terrorising citizens and hunting teenagers?

And of course now when writing this (around 8:30am) in living room some little terrorist went to his garage banging the wall like maniac, same terrorist probably stalks when i go to toilet, how pervert is that?

BAD COP “documentary”

Documentary about “scandalous” Helsinki drug squad cop/cops who were involved in drug smuggling/sex slave trading.

From my point of view this is nothingburger compared to my experiences in Helsinki/Rovaniemi, ive been hunted by corrupted security firms, radiated by corrupted cops, assaulted/stalked by hornets and helicopters, maybe even corrupted satellites involved, stalked by neighbours (eavesdrop nuisance/corruption started over 20 years ago) and now it feels they try to murder me with targeted radiation even at home , radiation in car that burns my internal organs, etc.. So Aarnio-case feels like bullshit, theres much worse things going on in Finland…of course i have no evidence, i have no intelligence agency.

ps. But one thing really annoys me, if Helsinki drug squad was doing these crimes, rolling cocaine barrels, selling whores, it happened same time when G4S,Securitas,Turvatiimi were stalking me.

ps2. and of course if finnish government knows about that some citizens are guinea pigs, radiated on purpose, or they know about these corrupted satellites, they are criminals as well.