You can call me crazy again but heres my compilation of strange incidents with laptops, experiences from Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Oulu. In Helsinki for the 1st time noticed that i feel enormous radiation while using laptop, thought maybe its because of WiFi, used WiFi everyday in Cafeterias and Libraries. In Rovaniemi i thought maybe its the ZTE wireless modem, based on my measurents it was radiating like hell to every possible direction, also there was some incidents when i went out with my laptop and immediately heard helicopter noise, or saw helicopter hovering in distance, and felt amazing radiation and almost fainted. Now in Oulu im using laptops with landline and same effect, like its possible to radiate laptops (maybe from a satellite or nearby mast) so hard i almost faint, yesterday was the latest incident, couldnt use net for a longer time because felt that huge radiation. Also noticed in Helsinki that some laptops can be accessed even if you dont open the connection yourself, maybe forced bluetooth or Wifi connection?

RAMOLA D report 120

Whats happening in the U.S. is probably happening in the Finland, in a smaller scale perhaps, but happening anyway. New laws are made in favor of the officers not in favor of the citizens, like these new surveillance laws in Finland, they just rape our privacy even more. Police has a huge database about citizens and they might use that information to criminal purposes. Police can “red flag” people just for fun and then every security firm and neighbourhood stalker nerd is hunting you (like happened to me). Police also has some “inside groups” like cults that might be doing whatever they want, like the “bad eggs” in Helsinki radiated me (tried to murder) with some remote technique , the chief of police might not even know what some bad cop fraternity groups are doing, etc… i didnt watch all of this yet so maybe more later.

ps. and already in the 90s CIA could listen conversations in apartments with some satellite technique so what can they do now, murder people, cause artificial symptoms? like i said earlier isnt it quite strange that these trolls always know what symptoms i have in the morning or if im radiated in a car, tram or elsewhere these internet cowards who manipulate social medias know it, now i woke up 5am with some strange pain in my brain, like skull being microwaved during night, and if i open twitter trolls probably know it

ps. ps. Funny that he mentions what i wrote some years ago, was thinking some might misuse all of the collected data to hunt some women, where they live, what are their hobbies, what they talk in phone, what they do in internet and suddenly: “Howdy, im your new boyfriend!”


Again, some kinda remote murder attempt immediately when i was alone in this Oulu apartment, frequency or something…  They stalk when im alone like in Rovaniemi and then cowardish murder attempt. Also some fucking coward stalking always when i open the computer and banging some wall or something.


Satellite wars in the news so little abstract about my experiences. In Helsinki my jogging routes and grocery shoppings were stalked, internet trolls always knew when i felt enormous radiation (suddenly almost fainted) in the streets, tram, etc. apartment stalking and eavesdropping too. In Rovaniemi almost the same plus that some pokemon (or similar hunting game) player kids knew my location and were hunting me, wherever i parked my car they came fast and sometimes were shouting “thats the guy” or pointed me with their finger. Also military always knew where i parked my car or where i walking. Lapland air command was totally corrupted, sometimes low dives when i was walking. And now in Oulu, apartment eavesdropping, surveillance abuse in some grocery stores, Tokmanni and one gas station at least. So maybe this is the new world order or is it just corruption? I think finnish government can do nothing about satellite corruption but they could do something to this corrupted security and abuse of surveillance cams, its total rape of privacy in every finnish city.

ps. So let me ask this again, how some predators are hunting me in every city and same time even little girls are raped? How theres always resources to stalk/hunt me but not rapists and other criminals?

Dr. RAUNI KILDE – the grande dame of consciousness

As i wrote earlier saw this lady last time in the 80s finnish UFO/paranormal TV-programs. They were entertaining and made you think but wasnt sure if shes sane or not. After watching this interview im still not sure about all of her theories, but  things are possible, we dont know much about this world and the universe around it. She also experienced some remote electromagnetic torture and was able to prove it with RF-meter, dunno if she was murdered. Been thinking/noticing the same, shes talking about Breivik, that they might manipulate people to do these crimes. Connections manipulated, phones/devices/modems hacked/stalked, satellites/security cams used for stalking/bullying, cars followed, etc. and if those doesnt make you angry, theres probably more… like this remote torture.


Thought to post Bill Binney interview next but this was even more interesting. These women (and people all around the world) are experiencing similar remote torture as i told you earlier, sudden heatwave/radiofrequency/microwave/whatever assaults and there might be even satellites used to these global criminal activities. Only total cowards torture/murder people remotely.


This would explain many things, how walks and drives been followed, apartment been stalked (and if im tortured, it helps if i move around, they need to know your exact gps location), how lapland air command/military personnel stalk when i go out and one of their officer was grinning and saying “all people are stalked” when i asked about this car following frenzy. So main message here is that all people are followed 24/7 from satellites but not tortured like me and many others. If this is true (sounds like it is) they are slow murdering people (causing cancer and other health problems) all around the world.