Taas sen verran kimuranttia settiä, että pakko kirjoittaa kotimaisella. Eilisaamuna autojen ovet olivat jäässä Oulussa varmasti muillakin, mutta tänään aloin ihmettelemään miten takaovet voivat olla vieläkin niin jäässä ettei voimakkaasti repimälläkään aukea. No, chekkasin sisältä ja joku oli käynyt laittamassa lapsilukot päälle molempiin takaoviin sisältä käsin, eli taas on käytetty Toyotan etälukistussignaalia kriminaalipuuhasteluun, lämmitystolpan kellokin oli eri säädössä kuin itse sen eilen asetin.

Kerroin aiemmin, että jo Rovaniemellä auton lukkoa ja muidenkin auton lukkoja auottiin etänä kun kävelin niiden ohi. Tiedän, että ainakin poliisilla ja ehkä myös puolustusvoimilla on systeemit käytössä, joilla aukeaa jokainen etälukko. Autoon on voitu kahden päivän sisällä mennä vain lähi-K-kaupan parkkipaikalla tai asunnon parkissa.

Asunnon salakuunteluun, huoneiden stalkkaamiseen, minun murhaamiseen säteilyllä ja auton seuraamiseen tarvitaan myös ammattilaisten apua, ovatko he sitten korruptoituneita poliiseja, “turvamiehiä”, puolustusvoimien kriminaaleja vai kaikki yhdessä, vaikea tietää, mutta helvetin paljon käytetty aikaa/rahaa/resursseja minun vainoamiseen/kiusaamiseen Helsingissä, Rovaniemellä ja Oulussa.


Who are these murder hungry criminals manipulating email traffic, manipulating every social media, probably manipulating the whole internet and trying to isolate people, make people full of anger/rage, manipulating people to commit suicides/mass murders, who are these people? Who are these people burning car/home electronics, hacking/stalking every Internet connected device i have. Who are these people trying to murder me in 3 finnish cities, trying to murder me with some remote technologies in cars, apartments and in the streets, WHO ARE THESE FUCKING COWARdS?, are you cops, military or corrupted intellegence? Or all together? FUCK YOU LOSERS!!!!! Gotta say your cowardish tactics are working and youre turning peaceloving people to murder-hungry maniacs. Who are these people who murdered my dad too? Who are these people who benefit of the all violence, wars and murders?


Ive witnessed manipulation in many online services, google, facebook, twitter, emails, soundcloud, etc.. most of them american, but i cant be sure whos manipulating the whole internet, in Finland they usually blame russians but can they manipulate all american platforms? Or is it just finnish democratic manipulation of citizens? Viestikoelaitos or something, testing how to manipulate people and online messaging with man-in-the-middle techniques, making the Finland great again? What these secret services and intelligence agencies have to do with democracy anyway?

Only thing i know for sure theres many occasions in many finnish cities that these net manipulators and trolls have known when ive been tortured remotely, if my brains were radiated in Helsinki, trolls knew it, if my legs were burned when i was walking in the streets of Helsinki, trolls knew it, if my left lung was burned during night in Rovaniemi apartment, twitter manipulators knew it, if there was some dust or gas (something that makes you suddenly feel like choking) pumped to apartments in Oulu, trolls knew it, just a few examples, these are murder attempts as much as much as shooting someone, most of these just done with new remote techniques, from the nearest cell tower, satellite or drone, how in the fuck i know, but there seems to be even some finnish authorities who know about these assaults, probably co-operating with the satellite/drone criminals. Stop murdering people because of their opinions, thats not democracy!

ps. WHAT A CO-INCIDENCE AGAIN, after writing the text above went out with the dog and some new kinda assault while driving the car, my eardrums/head felt like exploding, sonic murder attempt? Almost fainted, panicked and parked my car 10:12am to Juuruussuontie, same time some military plane flew above me, FUCKING MILITARY CRIMINALS, finns are being murdered! If it wasnt assault done by finnish military at least they knew somethings going on and followed my car AGAIN.

ps2. adding that i tagged/categorized almost everything corrupted but this secrecy makes you suspect everyone, all these nasty remote torture experiences in 3 different finnish cities, there has to be some people in Finland who know about these crimes but they arent telling it to everyone, secrecy is power.


Woke up during night to toilet, no breathing problems, no vacuum dust smell in my nose, suddenly when going back to bed felt like the apartment is pumped full of dust smellin like vacuum cleaner. At other times it might be some other disturbing smell, industrial smoke etc. same time my lungs feel like full of something, coughing coughing coughing.. and the strangest thing (starting from Helsinki apartment) is that spammers/trolls always know about these happenings. This has happened in 4 latest apartments I lived.

Theres some writings in net about that the criminals of intelligence agencies/military can create artificial smells with frequencies, maybe its true, spammers/trolls/gangstalkers also seem to know when they burn my internal organs/brains.

I hope someone murders these criminals whoever they are.


…assaulted again, immediately when i was alone in this apartment, about 15 mins ago, some remote assault to the left side of my brain, almost fainted, obviously another murder attempt.

ps. and why i added Google to possible crime suspects list is that the dude in the Rovaniemi police infodesk said its Google when i went shouting about some car tailing case again, also emails coming from gmail seems to be manipulated/fake sometimes, everyone knows NSA is working with Google/Facebook. And little kids in Rovaniemi and their smartphonegame was used to hunt me, not sure if it was Pokemon GO?

ps2. Google also seems to use RECAPTCHA for trolling, have to solve these fucking puzzles forever, cant even access soundcloud anymore.

ps3. another Google-related ISSUE, everyone probably knows targeted adds and “recommended to you” videos, but lately these recommendations have been really nasty, they suggest something about car crash, hospital, etc.. almost like the geeks who manipulate these wants me dead.

ps4. Article about Pokemon GO, CIA, NSA. Still not sure what game these little smart phone wankers used to hunt me around Nivavaara/Rovaniemi, they came fast after i parked the car, and there seems to be some older “little kids” in Oulu who locale cars and tail you for fun, as fucking cowards these criminals are. So be warned smart parents of smart kids, your kids might be used to hunt people not pokemons, and im FUCKING TIRED of this corruption and wallbanging neighbours.


Of course people can bang their walls as much as they want but there seems to be also artificially made bang bangs. This happened in Rovaniemi too, sounds like neighbour is banging the wall like a madman and then you notice they are not even at home. Same happened in Oulu when there was not even neighbour yet in the other side of the apartment, if i went to toilet it sounded like someone was banging the wall in the toilet next door. So they (military or some lame intelligence agency) can artificially/remotely create sounds, i dont know how but maybe the same technique they use to create fake siren sounds. Also had this strange burning smell in my nose in Rovaniemi too, now here, and if i move 2 meters in apartment the smell is gone, OR if i cover my head with some shielding material the smell is gone. So all these “conspiracy theories” are true, with different frequencies they can create fake smells, sounds and even symptoms to anyone they want, and if they can create symptoms they probably can murder too.

You might call me crazy but i think they can wake me up whenever they want too, many times in a night. I dont really care if people consider me crazy because over 20 years ago i was called crazy when i said my phone is being eavesdropped, now phone eavesdropping is the new normal

ps. some criminals (they call themselves “jammers” in spams) seemed to hack my computer again (or they control the line/connection) every page is loading forever with fast connection.


Guess i slept too much last night so other update about social media experiences, your kids might be manipulated too, so this is a global warning as well.

Last time used it 5 years ago but what i remember ads were based on every day stalking, maybe surveillance abuse, eavesdropping, they knew what i bought from grocery stores or from stockmann etc. maybe corrupted cops/intelligence even stalk credit card payments and give that info to losers of advertisement agencies. Also stream was manipulated to make me depressed every time i opened facebook.

Been using it right now, someone is manipulating “you may also like” -section and stream also manipulated to make you depressed. And of course countless amount of fake profile stalkers.

Well you guessed, disturbing targeted advertising based on surveillance abuse/apartment eavesdropping, maybe even satellites used to stalk where i walk. Android tv (DNA TV hubi) seems to be stalked/manipulated too, disturbing ads based on cowardish gangstalking.

Based on these experiences russians are doing a wise move creating their own internet, if there were REAL defence forces, i mean REAL DEFENCE FORCES not some puppets of NATO in Finland they would shot down the corrupted satellites and create closed internet for finns.

ps. gotta add wordpress is still working fine, hope Google isnt buying/ruining it too.