Näitä “sattumia” taas. Iinatin sporttiparkissa koiraa ulkoiluttamassa, kun lähden (noin 9:55) niin poliisipaku tulee toiselta puiston parkilta eteen, tätä on tapahtunut muissakin kaupungeissa. Jos syytän poliisia seurailusta niin tulevat eteen ajamaan. Seurasin hetken, olisin kysynyt millä asioilla sitä liikutaan, eivät pysähtyneet.

Sama kaava toistunut jo kolmessa kaupungissa. Hesas nettiä kytättiin, manipuloitiin sosiaalisia medioita, joku naapuri kyttäsi vessaa ja hakkasi illalla seinää tai lattiaa, kolmen turvafirman turvapojat seurailivat ruokakaupoissa, kaduilla, metrotunneleissa, sitten kun hermot menee, onkin poliisi perässä.

Rovaniemellä securitaksella oli samat kujeet kunnes soitin heidän pomolleen, puolustusvoimien/rajan henkilökunta tuntui seuraavan joskus autoa lähikauppoihin, asunnossa ihme paukkeita joka nurkassa ja kun aukaisi netin, ja kun hermot menee, alkaa näkymään poliisipakuakin tiheämmin.

Ouluun muuttaessa heti naapurustossa tiedettiin milloin menen asunnosta ulos, milloin aukaisen netin, bang bang, etämittarin lähetin posahti kummasti vain meidän asunnosta. Omituisia siviilipukuisia auton seurailijoita, ehkä poliiseja? Myös joidenkin alojen matalapalkkaduunereita käytetty jahtaamiseeni. Nytkin yläkerran naapurit tienneet milloin avaan netin, milloin menen mihinkin huoneeseen, muuallakin lähinaapurustossa tiedetty milloin menen asunnosta ulos, sitten kun menee taas hermot, alkaa poliisiautoa näkymään siellä täällä. Ja mainitsen vielä murhaavat etäsäteilytykset kolmessa kaupungissa, asunnoissa, autoissa, kävellessä etc.

Lopettakaa tää pelkurimainen ajojahti ja asunnon kyttäys ennen kuin tapahtuu jotain vakavampaa, TAAS.


This could explain the stalking of apartments, theres always some perverts  who know when i go out or when i go to kitchen, toilet and other rooms (happy family upstairs always bang their floor above the room where i am), same happened in earlier apartment in Oulu (smart meter only exploded from our apartment) and in corrupted Rovaniemi.


Found out already in Rovaniemi that bluetooth system in dads car had some number/device attached to it, couldnt see what it was but the system was radiating strongly every 7 seconds (thats probably why dad got heart problems while driving, then cancer), i was able to remove the connected device/s but not to see what it was. NOW in Oulu the bluetooth system has been actived (system starts asking questions) twice remotely without me pressing the buttons, so when the system is actived, all the criminals can follow you around and possibly radiate the car with murderous frequencies..

Car followers/gangstalkers in Rovaniemi/Oulu include some cops (hope not all are corrupted), security firms (Securitas/ISS), military (Lapin lennosto/Lapin raja), little kids with some smart phone app and some garbage truck firms in Oulu, plus a lot of civilian gangstalkers who get the information where i park the car. THEY CAN MURDER people with these remote techniques, probably not even Google/NATO satellites needed to radiate people to death, or at least they can slowly create cancer with everyday targeted radiation.

Not sure if this has anything to do with TOYOTA but at least the bluetooth system is totally manipulated.

GANGSTALKING (short course)

Because there might still be people who are wondering what this gangstalking, targeted individuals phenomenon is and they might consider targeted people crazy, heres a short explanation based on my experiences.

1st of all it started from apartment eavesdropping and internet stalking/trolling about 20 years ago in Rovaniemi, later there was some in Oulu. If some people get access to your computer they might want to stalk/follow you in real life too. Apartment eavesdropping makes it easy to follow when someone goes out, listen conversations in apartments/houses and send spams/advertisement based on eavesdropping. Its still a mystery to me why some people are so interested of stalking others every day, their own life might suck or they have some serious mental problems.

Things really escalated in Helsinki, all 3 major security firms (G4S, turvatiimi, Securitas) started following me everywhere in Helsinki (before i started writing a blog about security corruption), they recognized me from their cameras in Malmi, Itäkeskus, Kontula, everywhere, it felt like total privacy invasion and i had never heard of gangstalking/targeted individuals yet. Someone (maybe Helsinki police was involved) told them to follow me around, hunt me in stores, in streets too.. And what happens when peoples privacy is invaded every day, they get angry, some might go crazy, maybe even commit suicide. All this was probably related to internet stalking as well, was writing the droning earth blog and had some lame Win XP. And when i started blaming cops/security firms and making funny pics about politicians publicly in my other blog, then the hell broke loose and it started to feel im radiated/tortured with some remote method in the streets, busses, central park, trams etc.. and anonymous spammers/soundcloud trolls knew about this torture. Same time it felt like facebook is doing some psychological tests as well and they admitted it later, so Fuck you Zuckerberg and your criminal intelligence friends! What happened later, you can figure it out, read all my posts..

Also got to mention some of the finnish military (lapland air command/border patrol helicopters) joined the hunt when i moved back to Rovaniemi. Something similar started also when i moved back to Oulu again.

Now when im writing about my experiences publicly its easy for all kinda perverts to join this hunt. Immediately when i move to some new place theres plenty of criminals who know my adress, who eavesdrop apartment, stalk internet connection, tail cars, cant even go for a walk to a nearby forest without some plane flying above. Like i said in my earlier post in finnish, society has gone insane with all this stalking/torture technology, even some little kids are addicted to stalking, born to be stalkers, FOLLOW FOLLOW, STALK STALK, be only happy in your miserable life if you stalk someone with your dumb fucking phone.

And when these gangstalking losers ( did i ever mention stalkers are the most cowardish people on this planet) start to disturb your mom too you really feel like you wanna murder one stalker with your bare hands!

ps. Whoever is manipulating twitter too, fuck you cowards, im not scared of you!!!

ps2. Heti edellisen tekstin kirjoitettuani erään pizzerian lähistöllä, paikalliset kyylät tietävät paikan, taas erikoista käytöstä penikoilta, samaa kuin Rovaniemellä, penskat käyttäytyvät kuin puhelimella ohjatut robotit. Vihreä-kypäräinen pikkujätkä pyöräilee älypuhelimen käskyttämänä ensin ohi, kuin etsien jotain, kääntyy ympäri ja taas ajaa ohitseni, ja vielä kerran sama, kun palaan koiran kanssa vihreäkypäräinen pikkustalkkeri on vieläkin paikalla ja polkee pois vasta kun bongaa minut. Hetkeä myöhemmin kaksi älypuhelimella ohjattua nuorta tyttöä koirineen, pysähtyvät tuijottamaan noin 5 minuutiksi kävelyäni kun bongaavat minut. Kertokaapa joku viisaampi kuka näitä nulikoita käskyttää, heidän korruptoituneet vanhempansa vai joku peliksi naamioitu tiedusteluaplikaatio moukkapuhelimessa? Raukkamaista käyttää lapsia vihan välikappaleina ja tiedustelupalveluiden agentteina.


Article and links to pages/pdf about targeting in U.S., if its happening in U.S why people dont believe it could be going on in Europe and Finland too. Interesting linkage to border patrol, what i told you earlier about what was going on in Rovaniemi, sometimes felt like im hunted with those helicopters.

And immediately when i moved to corrupted Oulu these criminals with little planes knew when i went out from the apartment or knew where i parked my car, as well as this possible drone/whatever (flying thing with bright light) followed too.

Not sure who is organizing Oulu gangstalking but copters in Rovaniemi are working for the Ministry of the Interior, one military officer told me this when i blamed them about the copter hunt. Same time little girls are raped, pathetic, as well as you are convicting rapists you should convict the criminals who are hunting innocent targeted individuals.


Wrote something similar in finnish blog many years ago when security boys were disturbing my grocery shopping always in Helsinki. No matter where i went shopping, Malmi/downtown/kallio/itäkeskus/etc, they always recognized and followed me. Im not a gun enthusiast but if there were similar gun laws in Finland than there is in America there wouldnt be so much corrupted stalking, there wouldnt be police who try to fry your brain in Itä-Pasila restaurant, there wouldnt be brave border guards/military/lapland air command who use all their technology to stalk citizens (also some neighbour been using same murder frequencies than cops in Helsinki), there wouldnt be car tailing, there wouldnt be pedestrian stalking, there wouldnt be nosy neighbours, etc. If i had a shotgun in my closet and other one in a car trunk i think there wouldnt be gangstalking in Rovaniemi/Helsinki.

Internet heroes been also eager trying to label me something, during years ive been called nazi, lone wolf (possible terrorist), drunkard, drug addict, jew, gay, pagan, anarchist, communist, etc etc. what next?

ps. strangely the indoor air changed much better after i wrote about “poison gas” whatever it was, so someone doing dirty tricks in this house, similar tricks to those murderous frequencies.

ps2. not to forget the murder attempt when my heart almost stopped after strong frequency assault in Helsinki grocery store, security cams are used for new world crimes, maybe even murders.. they can stalk where people walk and murder them.


infomercial about targeting, these crimes are real all around the world, they are happening to all no matter what race/religion you are, they try to label me to this and that but ive been just fighting against these new world terrorists and writing about security, police and military corruption. On video they ask “where is law enforcement?”, ive seen how corrupted police are targeting people too, all they need their phone and some murder frequency.


ps. today i didnt feel anything, but little dog started panicking, many write that these military cowards target/murder pets too.