short finnish documentary about a woman with electromagnetic hypersensivity, bit similar stuff im doing, measuring/blocking frequencies, trying to stay alive, maybe one day some politician/minister wakes up to reality?


A little abstract about symptoms (from some remote torture) and how spammers/trolls/criminals/murderers/internetmanipulators knew about them. IN HELSINKI i felt remote torture in busses/trams and soundcloud trolls knew about them, recommending me tracks like “How it felt as a passenger?” or “Hes suffering” immediately after those strikes, if my legs were remotely burned while walking in the street, i got immediately promo to my email about “roadburn”, if i was remotely tortured in a tram and my nose started to bleed some profile with bleeding nose started following me in soundcloud. IN ROVANIEMI if my lowerback was tortured with some remote technique and felt like my bones (in lower back) are snapping i got advertisements about “Lapalingo”, if i went to ultrasound and nothing dangerous was found i got immediately promo email that “curse is deeper”. In 3 apartments spammers/trolls have known about these strange breathing problems ive had, strange smells in my nose, or if i felt like my other lung was burned during night, first tweet i saw in twitter immediately in the morning was a picture about burned lung. IN OULU spammers/trolls know before me if carlights were broken, many lights broken exactly same time on different sides of the car, if they can burn people remotely they probably can burn remotely any part from any car,  blah blah blah, lot of incidents i forgot already, almost every day something happening….like went to pharmacy 2 days ago, some apothecary profile started following me immediately in twitter, just to let me know local pharmacy surveillance cams are abused too. And i havent even written a word about the noise harassment i experience almost every day if i go for a walk, disturbing sounds here and there, just to let me know they stalk my walkings with doggie. Fucking hi-tech criminals! How many whistleblowers, activists, artists, celebrities and other people you murderered already? New world order is just TOTAL CORRUPTION stalking/murdering people all over the world. Theres no freedom of speech anymore, if you tell the truth, youre murdered with new hi-tech weapons and frequencies.

ps. after this symptom showcase immediately (around 7am again) some poisongas or radiation assault that made me feel like choking, lungs full of shit/whatever, went out and after some slime coughing, breathing works normally again. Dunno if this has anything to do with smart meter radiation in this apartment and all over the frontyard, measured its coming from the smart meter room. Open question to Oulun kaupunki, why smart meters have to radiate 24/7, you are murdering little kids too? In Rovaniemi Rovakaira said smartdumbmeters are sending data only a few minutes during night.


Was excited bit too early about radiation stopping in this apartment after doing a police report. Before 8am, before i went out this morning, there was again some kinda electromagnetic or magnetic grilling-feel in my skull, like brains pulled with some strong magnetic, similar strike that happened many times in Helsinki and soundcloud trolls knew about those. Now it happened in other room, not in kitchen, so it feels like its some movable equipment to murder your neighbours. Of course i cant be sure whos doing this but usually happens when theres someone in the apartment upstairs and they usually know (bang bang) in which room i am.

And this is not all dear blog-reading maggots. When i drove to Hiironen and stepped out from the car in one parking lot, i felt immediately a strike to my heart and i was feeling totally normal before that. Well, i thought fuck that, murder me to the woods while im walking with the dog. In the woods my heart was working normally again, but it really felt AGAIN like orchestrated remote hit to the heart. Who are you murderers, fucking cowards, i dont give a fuck if youre some fucking intelligence agency with satellites or some finnish car tailing low life scum.

One more for today, i might really be dead and murdered by Xmas, i was driving to Kaakkuri Citymarket, somewhere after that traffic circle i felt such a strong magnetic or radiation in a car that i almost fainted. So fuck you one more time murder-hungry criminals, fuck you all who are stalking/eavesdropping this apartment and misusing surveillance cams of Oulu, you are all pathetic fucking losers! Is your life really so pathetic you have to follow others, scared to write with your own name, scared to have opinions? Fucks sake, ive seen so many young finnish men in their best age following me around, why not use your stalker skills, time and technology to hunt some women, to get some pussy? Who knows, maybe they are doing that or they never got any and thats why they are stalkers, perps and pervs.

Btw, in other parking lot near our apartment i was asking from little kids who stopped there with their bikes staring at me that “ARE YOU SOME KINDA STALKERS!”, but no, they were waiting for their school mates. So these people who are manipulating other people hunt others (with smart phones) are really making people paranoid, they are making this world paranoid, PLAY PARANOID!

If someone is following me with their loser phones and apps, they can follow you too.



Koska etäkidutus on jatkunut näihin päiviin saakka ja Helsingissä jo tuntui että jotkin tahot (ehkä poliisi ja turva-ala) tiesivät ja testasivat murhaavimpia taajuuksia vihaamiinsa ihmisiin, palaan vielä Rovaniemen tunnelmiin ja isänkin kuolemaan. Samalla havainnekuvalla kerron kaksi eri tapahtumaa.

Ensimmäiseksi palaan isän saattohoitoon jo puretussa Rovaniemen vanhassa sairaalarakennuksessa. Siinä ei muu jäänyt vaivaamaan kuin että tiesivätkö jotkin tahot Rovaniemelläkin miten mastosäteily vaikuttaa ihmiseen (maston paikka mustalla värillä ja isän saattohoitohuone harmaalla). Enitenhän siinä vitutti kun ei itse pystynyt edes vierailemaan pidempää aikaa huoneessa mielettömän säteilyn vuoksi. Sairaalassa oli myös turvamiehiä, jotka ehkä tiesivät jotain etägrillaustekniikoista. Isä halusi nopean lähdön ja sen sai, mutta ehkä häntä (ja muitakin saattohoidokkeja) kidutettiin ensin.

Toinen ehkä samaan mastoon liittyvä stoori kun kirjoitin Rovaniemen poliisiasemalla rikosilmoitusta, en muista mikä se oli, ehkä jostain auton seuraamisesta tai stalkkerista. Kirjoittaessani tiskillä (punainen pallo) tunsin mieletöntä grillausta kropassani TAAS ja oli vaikea pysyä tajuissaan. Hammasta purren kuitenkin sain paperin kirjoitettua ja kun lähdin asemalta huomasin että kakai, ehkä toimistokyttää (siniset pallot), olivat aulassa takanani. Päättelin melkein heti, kun kokemusta on grillatuksi tulemisesta, asemalta lähdettyäni, että olin ehkä poliisien jonkin laitteen ja sairaalan seinässä olevan mastopalikan välisessä taajuustulessa.

ps. Ehkä poliisienkin touhut ovat hallitus- ja poliisihallitusohjelmankin ulkopuolella ja on vain sattumalta keksitty miten tietyt taajuudet vaikuttavat ihmisiin ja niitä testaillaan huvikseen rehellisiin kaduntallaajiin/shoppailijoihin, TAI sitten on todellakin jokin new world order -tyyppinen salaliittoviritelmä meneillään, josta Suomen nöyrääkin nöyrempi kansa on autuaan tietämätön. Toisen ihmisen aivojen/sisäelinten/kropan säteilyttäminen tahallaan on paljon pahempi rikos kuin nyrkki naamaan, kyseessä voi olla jopa tappo/murha, jos kohde saa sydärin/aivoinfarktin.


Its obvious theyve been trying to keep me awake many nights, they are not happy if you fall asleep before them, but couple of times also noticed theyre also not happy if you sleep longer than them, like this morning, banging the radiator, dropping something heavy to their floor to get me awake. Noticed that the daddy with their 4-year old left early so it was the obsessed little mommy banging the radiator and floor. If not the whole family are stalkers, at least this teenager looking mommy is too much obsessed of stalking and disturbing me and using their 4-year old to do all kinda nasty things. Dare to say shes more obsessed of stalking me than raising up their 4-year old, brave new world, brave big brother generation.

What a waste of time to write about this but this kinda similar behaviour been going on in 3 finnish cities, always at least one stalker family or lonely stalker pervert and some kinda disturbing bangings to walls, roofs or floors, internet stalking, apartment eavesdropping, car tailing, surveillance abuse, so something is really fucked up in this amazing finnish society.

ps. has probably nothing to do with this, I HOPE, but my left eye been radiated many times lately, also got “electric eye” song recommendation last time i was logged in to soundcloud, strange “co-incidence” again, like the soundcloud manipulators know about the remote torture as they did in Helsinki.


In the finnish story in earlier post im telling what happened today and im serious about that theres possibility to murder people with these frequency traps in stores and streets.

I tried to explain in my blog already in Helsinki why surveillance abuse happens. Imagine all those surveillance cameras and people watching them, NOTHING HAPPENS, ITS BORING. And when people get bored they are inventive and figure out ways to get some action to cameras. First invention i noticed in Helsinki was this “flashing light” -phenomenon, they wanna see from cameras how people react if they flash the same lightbulb always when you are in grocery store. 2nd invention was in Stockmann, surveillance camera pointing at me and little bit water to my head from the fire alarm sprinkler, nice to watch how people react, like watching real time candid camera during work day.

And when i started writing a blog in Helsinki about all these phenomenons and security personnel following around, they probably thought maybe we could ZAP that dude little bit in the streets and grocery stores. Like the one of the many incidents in Töölö grocery store, felt radiation, felt like gettin an heart attack and surveillance camera pointing at me.

Theres just too many similar incidents in Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Oulu that they are definitely not co-incidences.

If you radiate people on purpose, its dangerous game, its cowardish crime, in the worst case (they might think its the best case) target gets an heart attack or stroke, if target dies its called murder.