Upstairs family came cleaning their apartment and same time noticed (2 times i went to toilet) that they were still able to stalk when i go there, 1st time sounded like something was dropped behind the toilet wall, 2nd time normal banging they did almost every day earlier too.

Their modem was radiating  to 2 rooms but theres still the one i measured coming somewhere near the smart meter room, probably have nothing to do with smart meters. Constant ticking sound that reacts to my movement in toilet, kitchen, hallway and one bedroom in front of the house, suspect its microwave motion detector.  This would explain how people stalk when i go out, not only in this condominium but in some others nearby. This radiation feels like burning my lungs too, especially when in hallway, so whoever installed this is a fucking criminal, stalker and murderer.


After some while was driving again with electrosmog meter turned on and radiation levels in areas i usually drive have increased noticeably recently, is this the effect of 5G rollout? Almost everywhere my meter is on the yellow level and sometimes (close to cell towers) even showing red; What laws are allowing citizens to be burned with such a frequency levels? Or is there any laws about radiation levels yet? For a few times i felt like losing my consciousness, frequency zaps so strong while driving can cause accidents and be lethal. But yes, who the fuck cares! Mobile business is so huge, so go on and murder finnish citizens.

Strong frequency levels can cause many other health effects than just dizziness; migraine, stroke, heart palpitations/attack, etc.


Was excited bit too early about radiation stopping in this apartment after doing a police report. Before 8am, before i went out this morning, there was again some kinda electromagnetic or magnetic grilling-feel in my skull, like brains pulled with some strong magnetic, similar strike that happened many times in Helsinki and soundcloud trolls knew about those. Now it happened in other room, not in kitchen, so it feels like its some movable equipment to murder your neighbours. Of course i cant be sure whos doing this but usually happens when theres someone in the apartment upstairs and they usually know (bang bang) in which room i am.

And this is not all dear blog-reading maggots. When i drove to Hiironen and stepped out from the car in one parking lot, i felt immediately a strike to my heart and i was feeling totally normal before that. Well, i thought fuck that, murder me to the woods while im walking with the dog. In the woods my heart was working normally again, but it really felt AGAIN like orchestrated remote hit to the heart. Who are you murderers, fucking cowards, i dont give a fuck if youre some fucking intelligence agency with satellites or some finnish car tailing low life scum.

One more for today, i might really be dead and murdered by Xmas, i was driving to Kaakkuri Citymarket, somewhere after that traffic circle i felt such a strong magnetic or radiation in a car that i almost fainted. So fuck you one more time murder-hungry criminals, fuck you all who are stalking/eavesdropping this apartment and misusing surveillance cams of Oulu, you are all pathetic fucking losers! Is your life really so pathetic you have to follow others, scared to write with your own name, scared to have opinions? Fucks sake, ive seen so many young finnish men in their best age following me around, why not use your stalker skills, time and technology to hunt some women, to get some pussy? Who knows, maybe they are doing that or they never got any and thats why they are stalkers, perps and pervs.

Btw, in other parking lot near our apartment i was asking from little kids who stopped there with their bikes staring at me that “ARE YOU SOME KINDA STALKERS!”, but no, they were waiting for their school mates. So these people who are manipulating other people hunt others (with smart phones) are really making people paranoid, they are making this world paranoid, PLAY PARANOID!

If someone is following me with their loser phones and apps, they can follow you too.

2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G

Its true when people like me protest against 5G that theres not enough evidence/studies about the dangers, but is there evidence about it being safer either? People who protest against it have probably felt the health effects of earlier technologies. There was no 5G when i started feeling murderous frequencies in Helsinki around 2014, there was no 5G when trolls/spammers knew about the incidents when i felt torturous radiation in the streets/stores/tramstops of Helsinki.

All i know for sure is my experiences about murderous frequencies and the studies i found from the net while writing the university essays last year. Found some german studies dated back to late 90s about the people who lived near cell towers got cancer 10 times more often than people living far away from cell towers, people who lived in the top-floor of the apartment building with cell tower on the roof got cancer much more often than people who lived in the basement floor.

So theres clear evidence of the dangers of some frequencies but somehow they are hidden from the public. The mainstream media all around the world seems to just tell us about how wonderful these new technologies are, how these technologies are making our life so easy and smart.


In the finnish story in earlier post im telling what happened today and im serious about that theres possibility to murder people with these frequency traps in stores and streets.

I tried to explain in my blog already in Helsinki why surveillance abuse happens. Imagine all those surveillance cameras and people watching them, NOTHING HAPPENS, ITS BORING. And when people get bored they are inventive and figure out ways to get some action to cameras. First invention i noticed in Helsinki was this “flashing light” -phenomenon, they wanna see from cameras how people react if they flash the same lightbulb always when you are in grocery store. 2nd invention was in Stockmann, surveillance camera pointing at me and little bit water to my head from the fire alarm sprinkler, nice to watch how people react, like watching real time candid camera during work day.

And when i started writing a blog in Helsinki about all these phenomenons and security personnel following around, they probably thought maybe we could ZAP that dude little bit in the streets and grocery stores. Like the one of the many incidents in Töölö grocery store, felt radiation, felt like gettin an heart attack and surveillance camera pointing at me.

Theres just too many similar incidents in Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Oulu that they are definitely not co-incidences.

If you radiate people on purpose, its dangerous game, its cowardish crime, in the worst case (they might think its the best case) target gets an heart attack or stroke, if target dies its called murder.


Only in finnish and reason i have to think about these is that ive been radiated murderously in 3 finnish cities; in apartments, streets, cars and grocery stores.

TEORIA 1 : Tein tästä teoriasta aikoinaan kuvan tähän tai toiseen blogiin, jossa maalitettu (targeted individual) henkilö jätetään maston/tukiaseman väliin käyttäen jotain mobiiililaitetta. Tekijä tietää siis taajuudet, jotka vahingoittavat kohdetta, minä en niitä tiedä, Helsingissä jo tuntui että joillakin aloilla on tietoa murhaavimmista taajuuksista.

TEORIA 2 : Mastosta käsin kohdennetaan taajuus maalitetun henkilön puhelimeen, rfid-siruun tai ehkä jopa smart-pilleriin tai samankaltaiseen teknologiaan kohteen sisäelimissä. Jos, ette tiedä mistä puhun, opiskelkaa itse.

TEORIA 3 : Kohteen koordinaatit tietäen voidaan säteilyttää, ehkä mikroaalloilla, satelliitista tai dronesta käsin.

TEORIA 4 : Satelliitista/dronesta käsin säteilytetään jotain tekniikkaa (sirua, kännykkää,etc.) joka kohteella on mukanaan tai kropassaan.

TEORIA 5 : älymittareita (smart meters), joita on nykyään joka asunnossa ja taloyhtiössä, voidaan käyttää aseena; asunnon säteilytykseen.