Is this real, from 1985? Now just secrecy, secrecy, SECRECY, no one knows nothing but many people all around the world feel like they are tortured remotely.

ps. some lipsync troubles on this special report.

KOVR 13 TV News Reports on Californians Subjected to Organized Stalking

Exactly same what i experienced, they can target feet, stomach, heart, skull and probably more.. and fake profiles/spammers knew my symptoms in Helsinki even if i didnt told them to anyone.

i was also tortured during night in Rovaniemi, and trolls knew they burned my lungs.

these criminals probably murdered my dad too.


Was already wondering about the death of 2 finnish celebrities, Matti Nykänen/Olli Lindholm, both around 50 years old, now Luke Perry/Keith Flint around the same age. These might be so called natural deaths (what is a natural death anyway?) but to be honest i think some of these might be caused/affected by the murderous mobile frequencies around us. I have measured them everywhere, in the streets, grocery stores, in cars, everyFUCKINGwhere. There also seems to be professions, military at least, and police/security, who might know more about these frequencies than average citizens, but for some reason these are kept secret. Also theres many studies about the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies but noone seems to care? Politicians around the world should wake up, you might be zapped too, accidentally or on purpose.


No matter of political views i see some strange things happening to popular policians too. Makes me think that if they have too strong opinions or they are becoming TOO POPULAR they are being targeted like me, with modern day technology/weapons. Couple of examples, Timo Soini got very popular and he got some stomach problems, Touko Aalto was experiencing some “stress” and now Antti Rinne was getting too popular and he got some strange symptoms, plus there might be many politicians that arent telling about their strange symptoms, they might suddenly faint like me and nothing is found when visiting doctor.

And gotta mention about voting systems, if theres any kinda computer-based voting around, trust me, it can be manipulated. Modern computers can be manipulated even if you dont open the connection yourself.


Satellite wars in the news so little abstract about my experiences. In Helsinki my jogging routes and grocery shoppings were stalked, internet trolls always knew when i felt enormous radiation (suddenly almost fainted) in the streets, tram, etc. apartment stalking and eavesdropping too. In Rovaniemi almost the same plus that some pokemon (or similar hunting game) player kids knew my location and were hunting me, wherever i parked my car they came fast and sometimes were shouting “thats the guy” or pointed me with their finger. Also military always knew where i parked my car or where i walking. Lapland air command was totally corrupted, sometimes low dives when i was walking. And now in Oulu, apartment eavesdropping, surveillance abuse in some grocery stores, Tokmanni and one gas station at least. So maybe this is the new world order or is it just corruption? I think finnish government can do nothing about satellite corruption but they could do something to this corrupted security and abuse of surveillance cams, its total rape of privacy in every finnish city.

ps. So let me ask this again, how some predators are hunting me in every city and same time even little girls are raped? How theres always resources to stalk/hunt me but not rapists and other criminals?


Are all these people crazy? Many similar experiences than ive had in Helsinki and Rovaniemi, some symptoms might be caused by normal electromagnetic radiation (phones, wifis, etc.) but ive even seen people who try to target people with these frequencies, dirty cops in Helsinki tried to murder me or at least tortured me remotely. And these happenings in this apartment, murderous radiation has started many times immediately when im alone in this apartment. Plus all these corrupted car followers, military planes and copters doing totally corrupted and cowardish gangstalking in Rovaniemi.

ps. And what happened after this hearing in the U.S.? Probably nothing. THESE SAME CRIMES HAPPEN NOW IN FINLAND, FUCKING MURDERERS!

RAMOLA D Report 92

Strange incidents in Canada too.. too much to write everything… weird symptoms (v2k, forced movements/speech, electromagnetic harassment, sudden memory loss etc.) after doctors examination… some chinese guy admitted he worked with psychotronic weapons for 10 years… even the police visiting her apartment experienced voice2skull, she has sent 100 letters to canadian parliament/government but they really dont care (surprising), petitions against the use of psychotronic weapons etc.  Many think people experiencing these are crazy but im sure frequencies and remote weapons are tested on civilians all around the world, even in Finland.