This been going on since i moved to Rovaniemi, they somehow can bang (snap, snap, snap, snap) this electric main unit in this apartment. When i went to pee around 3am they been snapping the main unit so i cant sleep (and they probably stalk how i react). Dunno how they do it but its same kinda torture like this directed energy torture at day time. Whoever these corrupted stalkers are, they are stalking this neighbourhood in the middle of the night too, maybe those corrupted satellites involved. These guys who do this are the real terrorists, narsistic psychopaths. Theres also some other electronics they can bang bang whenever they want, for example if i go to kitchen they are banging some reel in the fridge and so on…fucking psychopaths! I once called to local electric company Rovakaira about this and the harassment stopped for a while…until it started again.

And like i told you earlier about this daytime harassment, its probably the same technique they use to bang walls, roof and windows too.

RAMOLA D newsbreak 10

EXACTLY whats going on in Finland and probably the reason why all security firms were after me in Helsinki (at same time drug squad was doing crimes, just to remind you) and now even Defence Forces stalking/assaulting me in Rovaniemi. Maybe some police just added me to some list of “very dangerous people” many years ago because i got furious of this troll/stalking/eavesdrop bullshit and one of them was hinting that im crazy. Look at internet now, EVERYONE is trolled/ manipulated.

Bit similarly this woman was gangstalked and then police turned it against her lying shes gonna kill the government, she has guns, whatever, probably tank and warhead too.. so most of these terror threats are based on lies and the mainstream media believes everything, real crime lies much much deeper in this deep shit deep state.

ps. if you need some unsolved crimes, start by inspecting this mysterious “snuff rally” by asking from cops, military personnel, border guards, security guards how they got their upper lip stuffed with that cat poo.



Remember reposting this graphic multiple times already in Facebook, pre-2014, after that i was manipulated out by some stalker manipulators and fake profile manufacturers…now someone manipulating twitter, or my connection, too. This graphic is exactly how ive felt about this modern society, spy grid is so good you have to be a security guard, border guard, police, drug cop, customs officer, intelligence to commit crimes. And while they are doing whatever they want, im followed, apartment eavesdropped, watched, devices hacked, car followed, grocery shoppings stalked and now feels like theyre trying to murder me, even these helicopters/hornets been assaulting, whatever chemtrails/nanotech they are dropping by flying so low.

Everyone in this world knows Aarnio-case so let me tell you an “lighter” example. Even ministers been talking about that “snuff rally” is a huge crime cartel now. When i heard that i immediately thought theres even cops, border guards, military people, customs boys who have their upper lip stuffed with that shit (and maybe white lines in the corner of their nighttable), SO WHY DONT YOU ASK FROM THEM where they get their snuff and stuff, i doubt all of them driving to Sweden to buy it.

I dont know if this going on in Finland have anything to do with NSA, FBI, CIA, KGB, GESTAPO, STASI, Swiss fucks etc.. but ive been hunted during years by security, police, military, border guards and some corrupted civilians…and what ive done, written something/said something/saw something, so theres some kinda crime cartel going on, maybe its global, maybe its not.


social media manipulation, email manipulation, trollarmies , ads based on corrupted stalking, manipulated schoolshooters, all these things happen nowadays. If they can get a man at my age to rage with twitter/facebook manipulation, spams, what they can do to little kids? They can create perverted little monsters who stalk or even kill others. Ive seen even in this neighbourhood how parents or grandparents control their children to stalk me or to show me some handsignals in our frontyard, little kids who arent capable of stalking or hating anyone yet unless their narsistic parents/grandparents tell them to do these things. Yes, manipulated schoolshootings/violence/masskillings exist. And i didnt even mention how these radiofrequency assaults affect to your mind, assaults that even corrupted police/military/intelligent gangstalkers been doing to me and probably to other finns as well.

ps. nothing to do with this above but did i ever mention these hornet terrorists have assaulted local library too (remember at least 3 times) when i went there, low flying terrorist assault just to let me know they follow me, also if i go to this particular grocery store, they have assaulted too, fucking nazi scum, totally out of control.

BAD COP “documentary”

Documentary about “scandalous” Helsinki drug squad cop/cops who were involved in drug smuggling/sex slave trading.

From my point of view this is nothingburger compared to my experiences in Helsinki/Rovaniemi, ive been hunted by corrupted security firms, radiated by corrupted cops, assaulted/stalked by hornets and helicopters, maybe even corrupted satellites involved, stalked by neighbours (eavesdrop nuisance/corruption started over 20 years ago) and now it feels they try to murder me with targeted radiation even at home , radiation in car that burns my internal organs, etc.. So Aarnio-case feels like bullshit, theres much worse things going on in Finland…of course i have no evidence, i have no intelligence agency.

ps. But one thing really annoys me, if Helsinki drug squad was doing these crimes, rolling cocaine barrels, selling whores, it happened same time when G4S,Securitas,Turvatiimi were stalking me.

ps2. and of course if finnish government knows about that some citizens are guinea pigs, radiated on purpose, or they know about these corrupted satellites, they are criminals as well.