Now when the upstairs noise makers are away some strange sound from the next door apartment, around their bathroom or toilet, like drilling the wall or some household machine making similar disturbing noise. Went ringing their doorbell about to ask what the noise was, no one home or no one dared to open the door. And i wasnt the only one hearing this noise.

Remember couple of strange incidents around the time of their bathroom renewal. Two different workers knew if i went to our frontyard or backyard, like they could eavesdrop our apartment too.


Was awake around 7am and waiting for something like this (the next poisoning attempt) because upstairs family seems to be moving and even the internet manipulators have warned me about their bitter endgame/fight?

Couple of milder bangs from upstairs, dog started growling and escaped to other room, felt some tickling in my nose like some particles stuck in nosehair, have learned already to cover my mouth/nose when i feel this because otherwise it blocks my breathing (lungs full of those particles/dust/poison/whatever). Cant be sure if this is done by the upstairs stalker family but this usually happens when they are doing their bangings, when they are around. Little bit worried what the fuck this dust is, is it something very toxic, is it part of the slow murder attempt?


Stadin vartijarumba (tunnistivat joka paikassa, hieman perässäjuoksun makua) tuntuu aika mitättömältä verrattuna siihen mikä alkoi Rovaniemellä ja jatkunut nyt Oulussa kahdessa asuinpaikassa. Tässä ei ole pienintäkään huumorintynkää tai ymmärtämystä enää jäljellä tätä yhden ihmisen jahtaamista ja murhaamista kohtaan. Samankaltaisia ihmemyrkkyjä ja säteilytyksiä jo kolmessa eri asunnossa, on sitten vanhempaa tai uudempaa asuntoa, niin täsmälleen tiettynä aikana alkavia keuhkoja lamauttavia myrkkyjä tai taajuusgrillauksia ollut lähes päivittäin, joista jotkin nettimanipuloijatkin näyttävät tietävän (Paras esimerkki Rovaniemellä tapahtunut yöllinen toisen keuhkon grillaus, josta tiedettiin heti twitterissä, ensimmäinen kuva oli grillattu keuhko). Jos menee ulkoilemaan, heti joku ylilento, Oulussa usein vedetään joku näkyvä vana pään päälle, näitäkin oli Rovaniemellä (Horneteilla) ja kahdella alueella Oulussa (pienkoneilla). Liian moni tietää milloin menen ulos asunnosta, vähintäänkin salakuuntelu meneillään.

Ja aina vähintään yksi stalkkaava naapuri, seinät tai lattiat paukkuu, modeemit kytätään, koko asunto. Yläkerran kyttäperheellä alkoi taas rohkea stalkkaus/hakkaustouhu eilen kun muut naapurit näyttivät olevan poissa. Siinäkin vanhemmilla näyttänyt olevan hauskaa, virnuilevat joskus kuin stadin vartijat, että kyttäillään sua HÄHÄHÄÄ, mut heidän kyttääjäksi manipuloitu 4-vuotias näyttää lähinnä masentuneelta, vihaa täynnä olevalta ja ehkä ihmettelee miksi naapureita pitää vihata, stalkata ja härnätä, käy jopa ajoittain sääliksi että noinkin nuori on vanhempien törkeästi manipuloima. Pitääkö tässä vielä heidän nimiään laittaa tänne julkisesti, alkaa normikeinot loppumaan, onko rikosilmoituksestakaan/varoituksistakaan mitään hyötyä? Vanhaa äitiäni myös härnätty häikäilemättä, miltä heistä tuntuisi jos lähtisin vainoamaan heidän vanhempiaan? Tekisivätkö myös rikosilmoituksen?


After some while was driving again with electrosmog meter turned on and radiation levels in areas i usually drive have increased noticeably recently, is this the effect of 5G rollout? Almost everywhere my meter is on the yellow level and sometimes (close to cell towers) even showing red; What laws are allowing citizens to be burned with such a frequency levels? Or is there any laws about radiation levels yet? For a few times i felt like losing my consciousness, frequency zaps so strong while driving can cause accidents and be lethal. But yes, who the fuck cares! Mobile business is so huge, so go on and murder finnish citizens.

Strong frequency levels can cause many other health effects than just dizziness; migraine, stroke, heart palpitations/attack, etc.


You probably guess what i think about this Michael-case in “Arman ja Suomen rikosmysteerit” TV-show. HOW ITS POSSIBLE THIS KINDA GUY (even FBI labeled him as serial killer) WAS RUNNING FREE IN HELSINKI and i was hunted by G4S, Securitas, Turvatiimi, and was there some cops involved too? And in Rovaniemi and Oulu; apartment stalking, eavesdropping, car tailing, internet stalking/manipulation, surveillance abuse, drone-copter filming, radiation torture in apartments and streets, in Rovaniemi felt like even some military vehicles (hornets/helicopters) were used to hunt me and to stalk my walkings/drivings, and what are these smallplane fly-overs in Oulu, some corrupted military action too? Whole finnish society feels really twisted, stupid parents using under school-aged kids to stalk/harass their neighbours, stalking always in which room i am BANG BANG BANG…Only thing that makes me full of rage, anger and hate is this perverted (gang)stalking going on in every finnish city.

ps. even now couldnt access the internet in 15mins, same time strange banging sound from the phone line box behind the wall, like some reel snapped on/off remotely.


Yesterday little bit after 10pm again, some strange barely recognizable smell in my nose, hard to say what it is, same time some cling clong noise from the upstairs toilet or room above me, otherwise theyve been very silent 2 days in a row. Went immediately to the living room and the air was better and could breath again normally. Earlier this same happened in living room, strange smell, tickling in my nose, the next morning your lungs are full of shit and youre coughing like hell.

Really feels like someone is doing this on purpose, same people who always know in which room i am. If theyre not banging like maniacs, something like this happens.

Also measured some frequency thats constantly grilling this apartment (one room at least) coming from the direction where the smart meters are, not very strong but some theories (not all theories are fake like mainstream fakenews) say constant milder radiation might cause more damage than random stronger zaps. I can block it if i put multilayered tinfoil to the window but is this really the world people want to live in, in a military bunker under ground, without windows? This doesnt explain the earlier murder attempts at kitchen.


Even in christmas time upstairs family been noise-terrorizing us almost every night till 11pm, bang bang bang, foot-stomping or throwing some heavy things to the floor. They blame their kid but they are not doing much to stop him, feels like parents enjoying the noise-terror too, maybe doing it too. Noise is sometimes so loud it feels like they are breaking the whole house down. They always seem to know in which room i am, earlier i was more in a living room and they came banging there, now ive been a lot in other room and they come banging above this room, they are not banging above the living room anymore. So some sort of apartment stalking going on, also noticed if i start talking they stop their noise-harassment, like theyre eavesdropping the apartment too. Strangely they know how to behave if theres other neighbours around.

This morning got something strange to my lungs (AGAIN) when in shower, suddenly felt impossible to breathe for a while, this has happened only when they are in their apartment, otherwise the breathing air been normal. When i felt like choking someone was coughing upstairs, like knowing whats going on, this “coincidence” has happened earlier too.

Theres also been many kind of frequency torture in this apartment and at least the kitchen terrorism ended after the police report, so some terrorist got scared?

Been wondering if theres a law to check their apartment before they leave because they might be doing some damage to other apartments with their actions.

quoting the minilex site: “Kotirauhan rikkomiseen voi syyllistyä myös esineitä heittelemällä tai muuten häiritsemällä. Tavallisin tekomuoto on ikkunoiden hajottaminen, esimerkiksi kivittämällä. Muuta häirintää voi olla esimerkiksi pitkäaikainen tai toistuva tärinän tai hajuhaittojen aiheuttaminen kerrostaloasunnossa.”