A little abstract about symptoms (from some remote torture) and how spammers/trolls/criminals/murderers/internetmanipulators knew about them. IN HELSINKI i felt remote torture in busses/trams and soundcloud trolls knew about them, recommending me tracks like “How it felt as a passenger?” or “Hes suffering” immediately after those strikes, if my legs were remotely burned while walking in the street, i got immediately promo to my email about “roadburn”, if i was remotely tortured in a tram and my nose started to bleed some profile with bleeding nose started following me in soundcloud. IN ROVANIEMI if my lowerback was tortured with some remote technique and felt like my bones (in lower back) are snapping i got advertisements about “Lapalingo”, if i went to ultrasound and nothing dangerous was found i got immediately promo email that “curse is deeper”. In 3 apartments spammers/trolls have known about these strange breathing problems ive had, strange smells in my nose, or if i felt like my other lung was burned during night, first tweet i saw in twitter immediately in the morning was a picture about burned lung. IN OULU spammers/trolls know before me if carlights were broken, many lights broken exactly same time on different sides of the car, if they can burn people remotely they probably can burn remotely any part from any car,  blah blah blah, lot of incidents i forgot already, almost every day something happening….like went to pharmacy 2 days ago, some apothecary profile started following me immediately in twitter, just to let me know local pharmacy surveillance cams are abused too. And i havent even written a word about the noise harassment i experience almost every day if i go for a walk, disturbing sounds here and there, just to let me know they stalk my walkings with doggie. Fucking hi-tech criminals! How many whistleblowers, activists, artists, celebrities and other people you murderered already? New world order is just TOTAL CORRUPTION stalking/murdering people all over the world. Theres no freedom of speech anymore, if you tell the truth, youre murdered with new hi-tech weapons and frequencies.

ps. after this symptom showcase immediately (around 7am again) some poisongas or radiation assault that made me feel like choking, lungs full of shit/whatever, went out and after some slime coughing, breathing works normally again. Dunno if this has anything to do with smart meter radiation in this apartment and all over the frontyard, measured its coming from the smart meter room. Open question to Oulun kaupunki, why smart meters have to radiate 24/7, you are murdering little kids too? In Rovaniemi Rovakaira said smartdumbmeters are sending data only a few minutes during night.


Rarely open AVA aamunavaus from telly (TV-show where finnish people are chatting intelligently with SMS-messages) but interestingly there was one finnish guy (Nickname kesälahti, väärämäki) who was asking “isnt it illegal to radiate people with mobile frequencies?”, he was blaming russians of targeting him. Im sure more and more people feeling the frequencies out there but many are scared to say anything. Trust me, its not global warming its murderous frequencies everywhere, ive measured the frequencies everywhere with my meter.

Guess i mentioned earlier they (whoever these criminals are) can target the frequencies to anyone they want. Ive been radiated multiple times in finnish forests, streets and apartments, in 3 different cities.

One more example of targeted car radiation in Oulu. Once liked the track called “heart of a riding man” in soundcloud, next time i drove my heart was immidiately radiated, felt like getting a heart attack, such a CO-INCIDENCE AGAIN, and when i jumped out of the car my heart was normal again. So they can target any body part they want and they can also manipulate social medias, if its not social medias/ISPs manipulating us, its men-in-the-middle. Also wondering how many car accidents are caused with these remote torture assaults? Some finnish authorities seem to know about these assaults so im not sure who to blame but theres murder spree going on.

And because im getting almost the same symptoms my dad did in the very same car, im 99% sure he was murdered with these remote techniques in Rovaniemi. Theres some hidden technique in cars/car parts that they can be followed/targeted/radiated?

KOVR 13 TV News Reports on Californians Subjected to Organized Stalking

Exactly same what i experienced, they can target feet, stomach, heart, skull and probably more.. and fake profiles/spammers knew my symptoms in Helsinki even if i didnt told them to anyone.

i was also tortured during night in Rovaniemi, and trolls knew they burned my lungs.

these criminals probably murdered my dad too.


This has happened multiple times while driving Toyota (dunno if this has anything to do with car brand), but suddenly internal organs or heart are targeted with some enormous frequency, nothing wrong with my heart when i stop the car, might be because of random radiation or modern weapons/satellite weapons are used in murder purpose. Surely it felt like a murder attempt again.

ps. and yesterday was a good example of security corruption again in Kaakkuri S-market, Securitas guard had also similar frequency in use what cops used in Helsinki trying to murder me. Is there any laws to multinational security firms, they should hunt rapist/criminals, not my grocery shoppings.

ps2. Isnt it strange ive experienced same kinda gangstalking and murder attempts in Oulu, Rovaniemi and Helsinki, if i go to doctor nothing is found?

Fort Meade Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons

Old truths from 2006, some of these techniques are also used (also police) to murder finnish people, dunno if government knows about these experiments, if they do they are murderers too.