Woke up around 5:30am to go to toilet, nothing strange yet, went back to bed. After a while, probably around 5:45, loud BANG from somewhere, like rock thrown to wall or upstairs floor, fuck that, thought to continue my sleep. Suddenly this vacuum cleaner smelling air into apartment, little before 6am, that you have to cough, cough, cough, sticky slime in your lungs. Couldnt sleep anymore, felt like going to shower, hot steamy air has helped earlier and it helped now too, opens my lungs. After i get this slime out of my throat/lungs, lungs work normally again.

BUT, im not sure if this has anything to do with apartment air, these strange feelings happened already in Rovaniemi, even when walking outside, breathing clean laplandish air, suddenly you feel some kind of radiation, some kind of smell and your lungs feel like not working normally.

AND theres other targeted individuals writing about similar experiences in other side of the world, suddenly they are radiated and their lungs not working, or heart feels like stopping, or brains feel like cooking, etc.

ALREADY when living in Helsinki i had these strange burning sensations when walking in the streets, my feet or brains were suddenly burned with some kinda frequency, at least it felt like frequency. Why im suspecting some cops are involved in these experiments (THEY ARE EXPERIMENTS, RIGHT? PROBABLY EXPERIMENTS THAT EVEN FINNISH GOVERNMENT DOESNT KNOW) is because there was some (too many) incidents when there was copcar nearby when i felt like im burned, or some cops were in same restaurant in East-Böle playing with their “smart” phones and suddenly my brains were cooked and nose bleeding.

AND theres probably some military/MI involved as well, not sure if its finnish or foreign, OR are they co-operating with these mysterious satellites and drones, they are probably not finnish technology anyway.

ALSO this vacuum air dust smell has happened TWICE during upstairs family been vacuuming their apartment, so theres a strange co-incidence. I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE who are these COWARDISH CRIMINALS but maybe they finally burn my internal organs, brains or lungs to cause me some injury that is lethal. Or is democracy so corrupted that speakers/seekers of truth are murdered slowly all around the world with modern directed energy weapons and frequencies? Maybe smart dust, chemicals, nanotech involved.

ps. sorry if the english is bit bad, or theres typos, i write my thoughts out FAST, this fucking column took 15 mins, OVER AND OUT!


Found this video through targetedindividualseurope site, hard to say if this is the whole truth but would explain many of my experiences in 3 different finnish cities, they also mention the smells that could be artificially made, been getting those too…

Also bit strange that the University of Oulu and VTT are scared to answer my questions… something to hide? Feels like im a guinea pig for some criminals who organize the gangstalking and electromagnetic torture.

Slowly finding some other finnish victims


No matter of political views i see some strange things happening to popular policians too. Makes me think that if they have too strong opinions or they are becoming TOO POPULAR they are being targeted like me, with modern day technology/weapons. Couple of examples, Timo Soini got very popular and he got some stomach problems, Touko Aalto was experiencing some “stress” and now Antti Rinne was getting too popular and he got some strange symptoms, plus there might be many politicians that arent telling about their strange symptoms, they might suddenly faint like me and nothing is found when visiting doctor.

And gotta mention about voting systems, if theres any kinda computer-based voting around, trust me, it can be manipulated. Modern computers can be manipulated even if you dont open the connection yourself.


chemtrails we see every day, smart dust you can breathe, nano rfid chips (released over 10 years ago) you can accidentally eat, probably tested on humans, no permissions asked, would explain many strange symptoms that are triggered on certain times, suddenly you cant breath, suddenly you feel getting a heart attack, suddenly your kidneys are aching, your internal organs are grilled when youre driving, etc. every day is a torture for targeted individuals, theres a murder spree going on…


RAMOLA D report 102

unbelievable story, abuse in catholic monastery, nanochips found from her body, murder attempts at her home, slow murder weapons to create cancers etc. are we just guinea pigs of electronic nano warfare, horrible crimes against humanity done by out of control military/intelligence criminals? no one can just make up these stories? would be nice to once see some of these nanochips taken out from people but as we know those microchips in our dogs, theyre ancient technology already.

ps. personally i think theres politicians who know about and allow these crimes


documentary or mockumentary? nanochip found from the leg of this biker dude, they analyze it and find some extra-terrestrial ingredients, alien nanotechnology? in the end of the film they think they need more tests done and the dude with chip has changed his adress and phonenumber, little bit shady, why not a documentary about manmade nanotech.

RAMOLA D REPORTS – need to know 8

Chemtrails, aerosols, nanotech, detox tips, etc.. havent tested these but epsom salt method is popping out everywhere. I think they dont need chips/stupidphones anymore to follow people, there is some glowing heavymetals/nanotech in our bodies. Most of all i wonder people with little kids dont care of radiation and pollution in this area and all around the world. What happened to Suzanne Maher and her site, they silenced her?