Found this video through targetedindividualseurope site, hard to say if this is the whole truth but would explain many of my experiences in 3 different finnish cities, they also mention the smells that could be artificially made, been getting those too…

Also bit strange that the University of Oulu and VTT are scared to answer my questions… something to hide? Feels like im a guinea pig for some criminals who organize the gangstalking and electromagnetic torture.

Slowly finding some other finnish victims


chemtrails we see every day, smart dust you can breathe, nano rfid chips (released over 10 years ago) you can accidentally eat, probably tested on humans, no permissions asked, would explain many strange symptoms that are triggered on certain times, suddenly you cant breath, suddenly you feel getting a heart attack, suddenly your kidneys are aching, your internal organs are grilled when youre driving, etc. every day is a torture for targeted individuals, theres a murder spree going on…


RAMOLA D report 102

unbelievable story, abuse in catholic monastery, nanochips found from her body, murder attempts at her home, slow murder weapons to create cancers etc. are we just guinea pigs of electronic nano warfare, horrible crimes against humanity done by out of control military/intelligence criminals? no one can just make up these stories? would be nice to once see some of these nanochips taken out from people but as we know those microchips in our dogs, theyre ancient technology already.

ps. personally i think theres politicians who know about and allow these crimes


documentary or mockumentary? nanochip found from the leg of this biker dude, they analyze it and find some extra-terrestrial ingredients, alien nanotechnology? in the end of the film they think they need more tests done and the dude with chip has changed his adress and phonenumber, little bit shady, why not a documentary about manmade nanotech.