now they are modifying peoples behavior in social medias, starting from facebook experiments, dirty manipulations to make people full of rage and hate.


Is this real, from 1985? Now just secrecy, secrecy, SECRECY, no one knows nothing but many people all around the world feel like they are tortured remotely.

ps. some lipsync troubles on this special report.


Found this video through targetedindividualseurope site, hard to say if this is the whole truth but would explain many of my experiences in 3 different finnish cities, they also mention the smells that could be artificially made, been getting those too…

Also bit strange that the University of Oulu and VTT are scared to answer my questions… something to hide? Feels like im a guinea pig for some criminals who organize the gangstalking and electromagnetic torture.

Slowly finding some other finnish victims


Anyone else ever thought about this hatetrend all around the world, in the U.S., in every european state, probably in Russia too, Australia? Thought this for a longer time based on my own experiences and it looks like people are manipulated to hate each others, stalk each others, people get pissed off because every social media is manipulated and theres annoying radiation everywhere drilling your brains and body. More than hating someone or some group of people everyone should think about who benefits of this all, is it multinational corporations, filthy rich people or someone else?


electromagnetic pulse weapons, sonic weapons and V2K exists, what theyre not telling us yet? The guy acting and showing how electromagnetic pulse weapon feels is exactly how i felt many times in Rovaniemi apartment, it felt like someone tried to murder me. bitchute

ps. and military can break electronics with EMP weapons, makes me think of all those car troubles in Rovaniemi and now.. car parts breaking bit too often.







MADS PALSVIG – Banksters vs. Slaves & 5G Depopulation Agenda

Danish ex investment banker got tired of corruption and governmental lies, now searching the truth, blowing some whistle and a politician in his own party jfk21.
Interesting topics (you can read them from youtube page), who knows what is the truth and what is not (hes a politician), but these are his truths. Personally i think many politicians, especially ministers, are just puppets in a global scale, commanded by the masters of puppets (gods of money).

ps. gotta add there should be more politicians who at least try to find the truth, or dare to talk about these topics, in Finland they just mumbo jumbo about sote, kiky, tico, tico, etc.