Article and links to pages/pdf about targeting in U.S., if its happening in U.S why people dont believe it could be going on in Europe and Finland too. Interesting linkage to border patrol, what i told you earlier about what was going on in Rovaniemi, sometimes felt like im hunted with those helicopters.

And immediately when i moved to corrupted Oulu these criminals with little planes knew when i went out from the apartment or knew where i parked my car, as well as this possible drone/whatever (flying thing with bright light) followed too.

Not sure who is organizing Oulu gangstalking but copters in Rovaniemi are working for the Ministry of the Interior, one military officer told me this when i blamed them about the copter hunt. Same time little girls are raped, pathetic, as well as you are convicting rapists you should convict the criminals who are hunting innocent targeted individuals.

KOVR 13 TV News Reports on Californians Subjected to Organized Stalking

Exactly same what i experienced, they can target feet, stomach, heart, skull and probably more.. and fake profiles/spammers knew my symptoms in Helsinki even if i didnt told them to anyone.

i was also tortured during night in Rovaniemi, and trolls knew they burned my lungs.

these criminals probably murdered my dad too.


infomercial about targeting, these crimes are real all around the world, they are happening to all no matter what race/religion you are, they try to label me to this and that but ive been just fighting against these new world terrorists and writing about security, police and military corruption. On video they ask “where is law enforcement?”, ive seen how corrupted police are targeting people too, all they need their phone and some murder frequency.


ps. today i didnt feel anything, but little dog started panicking, many write that these military cowards target/murder pets too.


Military corruption, at least lapland air command and border patrol involved, some cops as well (i told you earlier when i was walking with dad, cowardish hornets did low dives above us and one cop van (two corrupted cops) was just enjoying the show, i almost fainted, couldnt breath) , similar assaults above this apartment many times during this 2,5 year period, total manipulation of mobile networks, im very aware mobile network 3G/4G in Rovaniemi (at least in this military area) is stalked/manipulated 24/7, they probably think they are some kinda new world order but they are just corrupted fucking cowards and bullies, they have also tried to murder me to this apartment with some murderous frequencies. All this corruption started over 20 years ago with internet harrashment, eavesdropping of apartment and phone, now it feels like they want to murder me. FUCK YOU FUCKING COWARDS and Jussi Niinistö too, allowing this corruption happen!!!


There was this news about U.S. air force admitting testing so called non-lethal (slow-murder) weapons in crowd control situations. Ive been thinking about my experiences in Helsinki/Rovaniemi, sudden murderous radiation (nothing to do with mobile data/EHS) sometimes in the streets (also in the middle of the woods and central park) of Helsinki and Rovaniemi, all these corrupted car followers, my location was also shared to some smartphoner stupid kids in Rovaniemi, Lapland air command/Border helicopters started hunting me already then when my dad was alive. Is this NATO collaboration something that american satellites and directed energy murder weapons are also used in Helsinki and Rovaniemi, just to harrash/murder people for fun? If theyve been used for longer time in Rovaniemi they probably murdered my dad too, he got these sudden heart troubles, then pancreatic cancer… now ive been radiated murderously in this apartment and have same health problems than my dad.. are military just slow-murdering their own citizens all around the world? Brave new world. If finnish government knows about these stalker satellites and non-lethal murder weapons they are murderers too! Are you cowards murdering my mom too and our little dog.

ps. And most of times when i have felt murderous radiation or got some strange health problems, these spammers/fake profiles/twitter manipulators know about it, isnt it strange?

ps2. If U.S. air force is not involved then you might know who is remote torturing/murdering people in Helsinki and Rovaniemi too.


Thought to post Bill Binney interview next but this was even more interesting. These women (and people all around the world) are experiencing similar remote torture as i told you earlier, sudden heatwave/radiofrequency/microwave/whatever assaults and there might be even satellites used to these global criminal activities. Only total cowards torture/murder people remotely.


So we need a U.S. air force veteran telling the truth, saying the same im saying, i cant proof anything but torture/gangstalking going on. (noticed  the 1st sentence might be understood wrong, there is evidence (patents, videos) that remote techniques exist, but its hard to get evidence against the criminals using them, they dont need to stab/shoot/hit you, they just burn you with some frequency/microwave that might be much worse than fist to your face)

Many similar things ive experienced too, even forgot these “heatwave assaults” to my legs in Helsinki, sometimes so strong i felt like falling, suddenly your feet or thighs are burning and spammers/soundcloud fake profiles knew about these assaults too.

People are targeted, maybe even murdered, its fathers day in Finland and i still think (IF there was corrupted military action going on earlier in Rovaniemi) he was radiated to cancer(death). And like i told you earlier, i had many experiences wheres police involved too. The best example is this incident in Pasila restaurant, there were 6 cops eating same time when i, one of them started playing with his smartphone and i felt murderous radiation in my head, almost fainted, and when they left, one of them came to watch my face closer like wanting to see if they got any damage done, got little nosebleed after that torture as well. So i think these crimes are much bigger than this Aarnio case going on, things they are testing are not non-lethal weapons, they are slow-murder weapons. If finnish government knows what police and military are doing in Finland, i consider them as murderers too, we might have the 1st government after wars that know finns are being tortured/murdered slowly and painfully.

From my point of view finnish military has nothing to do with veterans who fought and died for this country, todays military are a bunch of fucking cowards who bravely stalk/harrash their own citizens.