Article and links to pages/pdf about targeting in U.S., if its happening in U.S why people dont believe it could be going on in Europe and Finland too. Interesting linkage to border patrol, what i told you earlier about what was going on in Rovaniemi, sometimes felt like im hunted with those helicopters.

And immediately when i moved to corrupted Oulu these criminals with little planes knew when i went out from the apartment or knew where i parked my car, as well as this possible drone/whatever (flying thing with bright light) followed too.

Not sure who is organizing Oulu gangstalking but copters in Rovaniemi are working for the Ministry of the Interior, one military officer told me this when i blamed them about the copter hunt. Same time little girls are raped, pathetic, as well as you are convicting rapists you should convict the criminals who are hunting innocent targeted individuals.

KOVR 13 TV News Reports on Californians Subjected to Organized Stalking

Exactly same what i experienced, they can target feet, stomach, heart, skull and probably more.. and fake profiles/spammers knew my symptoms in Helsinki even if i didnt told them to anyone.

i was also tortured during night in Rovaniemi, and trolls knew they burned my lungs.

these criminals probably murdered my dad too.


Again, some kinda remote murder attempt immediately when i was alone in this Oulu apartment, frequency or something…  They stalk when im alone like in Rovaniemi and then cowardish murder attempt. Also some fucking coward stalking always when i open the computer and banging some wall or something.