Rarely open AVA aamunavaus from telly (TV-show where finnish people are chatting intelligently with SMS-messages) but interestingly there was one finnish guy (Nickname kesälahti, väärämäki) who was asking “isnt it illegal to radiate people with mobile frequencies?”, he was blaming russians of targeting him. Im sure more and more people feeling the frequencies out there but many are scared to say anything. Trust me, its not global warming its murderous frequencies everywhere, ive measured the frequencies everywhere with my meter.

Guess i mentioned earlier they (whoever these criminals are) can target the frequencies to anyone they want. Ive been radiated multiple times in finnish forests, streets and apartments, in 3 different cities.

One more example of targeted car radiation in Oulu. Once liked the track called “heart of a riding man” in soundcloud, next time i drove my heart was immidiately radiated, felt like getting a heart attack, such a CO-INCIDENCE AGAIN, and when i jumped out of the car my heart was normal again. So they can target any body part they want and they can also manipulate social medias, if its not social medias/ISPs manipulating us, its men-in-the-middle. Also wondering how many car accidents are caused with these remote torture assaults? Some finnish authorities seem to know about these assaults so im not sure who to blame but theres murder spree going on.

And because im getting almost the same symptoms my dad did in the very same car, im 99% sure he was murdered with these remote techniques in Rovaniemi. Theres some hidden technique in cars/car parts that they can be followed/targeted/radiated?


Everyone should think about this hate-raising in every media, ive experienced in various social medias that they are manipulated just to make people full of hate and anger, all kinda devices manipulated/hacked, computers assaulted, apartments eavesdropped in every finnish city, gangstalkers following cars, stalking when you go for a walk, privacy invaded 24/7, but whos profiting of all this? You need more police, security, military weapons in the middle of all the fear, hate and corruption but no one is inspecting why mass murderers go insane, are they trolled and manipulated in Internet/social medias? Its just easy to say they have mental problems.