Minister Häkkänen said in some interview about illegal immigrants that there cant be people in Finland whose daily routines they dont know anything about, sounds fair, but how far this stalking of everyones daily routines can go?
Starting from the Nokia phone or apartment eavesdroppings over 20 years ago in Rovaniemi, out of control surveillance in Helsinki, then military corruption in Rovaniemi, car followers/pedestrian hunters/air strikes etc. and some air force officer even bragging about that “everyone is being followed”. Why they even need police in Rovaniemi anymore if military is playing new world order (schoolbullying game for adults)? Ministers probably know how much information there is available of every finnish citizen but they arent telling it because otherwise they cant rule.


Francis Ford Coppola movie about lonely eavesdropper hero, more close to documentary than fiction. Wonder how many lonely technicians, engineers and wannabe intelligence guys there are nowadays… and when they have nothing to eavesdrop they probably turn into mass murderers or commit suicide. If there were all those devices in the 70s you can think what they do now with corrupted satellites, thermal cams, murder frequencies and chemtrails.


As much as i like Dr Hortons work to help targeted individuals, theres things in her videos that need more evidence/facts, not gonna go into details, anyone can make their own conclusions. Based on my own experiences i can say the system is pretty much fucked up (in twitter it seems to be fucked up all around the world), theres some rogue cops/security/military/intelligence in every country doing whatever they want (i hope not all are rogue yet) and no one is controlling what theyre doing. We are being stalked, followed, some people are targeted, we are being radiated not only randomly from mobile devices/cell towers but also on purpose, like i told earlier about my experiences in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. How its possible spammers/fake profiles know immediately if i feel murderous radiation in the streets, in tram, in bus, at home or elsewhere, sometimes they even knew (in Helsinki) if my feet or head was grilled, its definitely not just some random radiation. Of course i have no evidence how theyre doing it, from mobile devices, DEWs, cell towers or from satellites, but many times it has felt like an murder attempt, torture at least.

And like in the next vid im going to post here, Bill Binney is telling that not even the U.S. government knows what their intelligence agencies are doing, so maybe its same in Finland, the government might know something more than citizens but they dont know everything and theyre being stalked too, if not finnish intelligence then NSA, KGB, GESTAPO, SÄPO etc.



Remember reposting this graphic multiple times already in Facebook, pre-2014, after that i was manipulated out by some stalker manipulators and fake profile manufacturers…now someone manipulating twitter, or my connection, too. This graphic is exactly how ive felt about this modern society, spy grid is so good you have to be a security guard, border guard, police, drug cop, customs officer, intelligence to commit crimes. And while they are doing whatever they want, im followed, apartment eavesdropped, watched, devices hacked, car followed, grocery shoppings stalked and now feels like theyre trying to murder me, even these helicopters/hornets been assaulting, whatever chemtrails/nanotech they are dropping by flying so low.

Everyone in this world knows Aarnio-case so let me tell you an “lighter” example. Even ministers been talking about that “snuff rally” is a huge crime cartel now. When i heard that i immediately thought theres even cops, border guards, military people, customs boys who have their upper lip stuffed with that shit (and maybe white lines in the corner of their nighttable), SO WHY DONT YOU ASK FROM THEM where they get their snuff and stuff, i doubt all of them driving to Sweden to buy it.

I dont know if this going on in Finland have anything to do with NSA, FBI, CIA, KGB, GESTAPO, STASI, Swiss fucks etc.. but ive been hunted during years by security, police, military, border guards and some corrupted civilians…and what ive done, written something/said something/saw something, so theres some kinda crime cartel going on, maybe its global, maybe its not.

GLOBAL GESTAPO 6 – weaponization of society

I have to observe, experience things myself or get evidence so theres roughly about 60% of these topics that i can agree immediately because ive experienced/observed similar things in this mad-gone oh-so-smart “modern society”. So everyone whos interested of this subject matter and about whats going on in this world right now (they dont teach it in schools, they dont tell everything in mainstream media, governments arent telling us everything) should watch this and think for yourself, THINK FOR YOURSELF dont just be an idiot with a smart phone! Weaponization of society of course means theres ZAPS coming from here and there, are they coming from your neighbours phones, modems or hi-tech directed energy weapons and satellites, its really hard to know.

Obviously theres people who dont want to know the truth, they are happy in their daily routine thinking: “My devices are not hacked, i have nothing to hide, they arent stalking me because i have nothing to hide. Im safe behind this cool-looking software firewall and this cryptographic speech altering app-whatever-shit-they-sell-you-fools.” Also theres people who have not experienced what i have and they immediately think these two are wackos, but just check it out, it makes you think and the truth lies there somewhere.

ps. finns might be also interested that Rauni Luukanen-Kilde is considered as freedom fighter, i dont know if she was murdered and havent red her books, only remember her from some strange UFO-programs, so i have a hole in my education, maybe the mainstream media was trying to make her look like a lunatic already in the 80s because she knew too much.


social media manipulation, email manipulation, trollarmies , ads based on corrupted stalking, manipulated schoolshooters, all these things happen nowadays. If they can get a man at my age to rage with twitter/facebook manipulation, spams, what they can do to little kids? They can create perverted little monsters who stalk or even kill others. Ive seen even in this neighbourhood how parents or grandparents control their children to stalk me or to show me some handsignals in our frontyard, little kids who arent capable of stalking or hating anyone yet unless their narsistic parents/grandparents tell them to do these things. Yes, manipulated schoolshootings/violence/masskillings exist. And i didnt even mention how these radiofrequency assaults affect to your mind, assaults that even corrupted police/military/intelligent gangstalkers been doing to me and probably to other finns as well.

ps. nothing to do with this above but did i ever mention these hornet terrorists have assaulted local library too (remember at least 3 times) when i went there, low flying terrorist assault just to let me know they follow me, also if i go to this particular grocery store, they have assaulted too, fucking nazi scum, totally out of control.

RAMOLA D REPORT 82: censorship

as i tweeted about this earlier, theres some similar experiences ive had during years, like an pro-assault to shutdown all my connections and devices. Connection is 10 times slower than was promised, phones/modems/emails stalked/hacked, sites blocked, uploads blocked, communication breakdowns, blogs sabotaged, social medias manipulated, etc. list is endless. But how anyone can be sure who to blame? Is it FBI, CIA, NSA, SUPO, KGB, swedish intelligent boys, MI5, MI6, finnish military unintelligence or some overweight pimplefaced geekmeister fucking with your devices and connections? I should have my own intelligence agency to figure this out and send these unintelligent stalkers to jail.

Also seen a pattern if i install a new OS and they cant access my computer, then they slow down the connection, so there might be some unintelligent-men-in-the-middle.