Thought to post Bill Binney interview next but this was even more interesting. These women (and people all around the world) are experiencing similar remote torture as i told you earlier, sudden heatwave/radiofrequency/microwave/whatever assaults and there might be even satellites used to these global criminal activities. Only total cowards torture/murder people remotely.

American “Zersetzung”

Just a short take from this article by Karen Melton Stewart

“Some targeted individuals even are secretly injected with RFID chips to locate and monitor them like pet dogs, but also experimental medical chips that can time-release drugs, cause movement or pain involuntarily to the victim, direct electronic weapons more precisely, or break down muscle, tissue, bone, etc. to simulate deterioration caused by disease to better understand the disease process.”

I remember one strange blood sample taking from Helsinki, nurse was shaking all over when i sat there and she missed the vein first, then tried again and succeeded, maybe she was just shy because im so tall. But sure it feels like theres some nanotech inside me, at least one in my brain, that these psychopath stalkers are using to torture me in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. And how these perverts also follow where i walk? Satellite corruption or chip inside me?



Remember reposting this graphic multiple times already in Facebook, pre-2014, after that i was manipulated out by some stalker manipulators and fake profile manufacturers…now someone manipulating twitter, or my connection, too. This graphic is exactly how ive felt about this modern society, spy grid is so good you have to be a security guard, border guard, police, drug cop, customs officer, intelligence to commit crimes. And while they are doing whatever they want, im followed, apartment eavesdropped, watched, devices hacked, car followed, grocery shoppings stalked and now feels like theyre trying to murder me, even these helicopters/hornets been assaulting, whatever chemtrails/nanotech they are dropping by flying so low.

Everyone in this world knows Aarnio-case so let me tell you an “lighter” example. Even ministers been talking about that “snuff rally” is a huge crime cartel now. When i heard that i immediately thought theres even cops, border guards, military people, customs boys who have their upper lip stuffed with that shit (and maybe white lines in the corner of their nighttable), SO WHY DONT YOU ASK FROM THEM where they get their snuff and stuff, i doubt all of them driving to Sweden to buy it.

I dont know if this going on in Finland have anything to do with NSA, FBI, CIA, KGB, GESTAPO, STASI, Swiss fucks etc.. but ive been hunted during years by security, police, military, border guards and some corrupted civilians…and what ive done, written something/said something/saw something, so theres some kinda crime cartel going on, maybe its global, maybe its not.


Little breakfast monology about street theatre. Ever wonder why all these “guarding” units are needed, at least in this tiny town, theres border guard, military police, police, security firms and all other military patrols hunting you, like Lapland air command. And nothing else happening, peaceful town, only chaos happening are these military/security/border units fooling around. So thats why they have to create something like this burning car in our neighbourhood, it was just waiting many weeks to be burned and when it burned it was moved away immediately, why they didnt move it away before it was burned? And who burned it, did they catch the “terrorist”, they should because they stalk this neighbourhood, apartments, pedestrians with satellites and thermal cams.

And if theres no criminals, they stalk, stalk, stalk, stalk you until you lose your temper and then some security geeks are needed. This childish hunt started in Helsinki, if i went to grocery shopping security guards came guarding me and grocery shop workers were sometimes scared as hell (some of them were shaking of fear). There was G4S, Securitas, Turvatiimi at least securing my shopping all around Helsinki. And what happened when i moved to Rovaniemi, Securitas in all little grocery stores wherever i go. And when securitas stopped following me some other people continued (cops, border guards, military personnel, etc.). Also security cams are used just to disturb your peaceful grocery shopping. They have no idea how many people are watching those dirty cams, its not just clerks or some security firm, live footage seems to go to military too, and maybe to local police as well, who knows maybe even NSA,FBI,CIA are watching those grocery cams if they want.

Yesterday btw, 10:30pm, border helicopter flew too low above this apartment, AGAIN, they probably had some war mission going on or just terrorising citizens and hunting teenagers?

And of course now when writing this (around 8:30am) in living room some little terrorist went to his garage banging the wall like maniac, same terrorist probably stalks when i go to toilet, how pervert is that?