Wrote this earlier in finnish blog but the incident in Töölö grocery store (in front of Töölö library) was closest to murder attempt. It was time when i wrote a blog about security corruption because they (securitas,G4S,turvatiimi) were gangstalking me around Helsinki. In front of the vegetable desk was security cam pointing at me and felt sudden powerful electromagnetic radiation in my heart and it almost stopped, guess it was like a heart attack (never felt such a stroke in my heart before and after that, i knock on wood, because i know they can murder people with these frequencies).

Its scary that there can be corrupted police, security, military who can murder people with frequencies/dews and get away with it because its diagnosed heart attack, stroke or brain malfunction. And now ive been murderously radiated in this apartment, even today.

Why these “health attacks” are big news only if some diplomats are assaulted?