Who are these murder hungry criminals manipulating email traffic, manipulating every social media, probably manipulating the whole internet and trying to isolate people, make people full of anger/rage, manipulating people to commit suicides/mass murders, who are these people? Who are these people burning car/home electronics, hacking/stalking every Internet connected device i have. Who are these people trying to murder me in 3 finnish cities, trying to murder me with some remote technologies in cars, apartments and in the streets, WHO ARE THESE FUCKING COWARdS?, are you cops, military or corrupted intellegence? Or all together? FUCK YOU LOSERS!!!!! Gotta say your cowardish tactics are working and youre turning peaceloving people to murder-hungry maniacs. Who are these people who murdered my dad too? Who are these people who benefit of the all violence, wars and murders?


Ive witnessed manipulation in many online services, google, facebook, twitter, emails, soundcloud, etc.. most of them american, but i cant be sure whos manipulating the whole internet, in Finland they usually blame russians but can they manipulate all american platforms? Or is it just finnish democratic manipulation of citizens? Viestikoelaitos or something, testing how to manipulate people and online messaging with man-in-the-middle techniques, making the Finland great again? What these secret services and intelligence agencies have to do with democracy anyway?

Only thing i know for sure theres many occasions in many finnish cities that these net manipulators and trolls have known when ive been tortured remotely, if my brains were radiated in Helsinki, trolls knew it, if my legs were burned when i was walking in the streets of Helsinki, trolls knew it, if my left lung was burned during night in Rovaniemi apartment, twitter manipulators knew it, if there was some dust or gas (something that makes you suddenly feel like choking) pumped to apartments in Oulu, trolls knew it, just a few examples, these are murder attempts as much as much as shooting someone, most of these just done with new remote techniques, from the nearest cell tower, satellite or drone, how in the fuck i know, but there seems to be even some finnish authorities who know about these assaults, probably co-operating with the satellite/drone criminals. Stop murdering people because of their opinions, thats not democracy!

ps. WHAT A CO-INCIDENCE AGAIN, after writing the text above went out with the dog and some new kinda assault while driving the car, my eardrums/head felt like exploding, sonic murder attempt? Almost fainted, panicked and parked my car 10:12am to Juuruussuontie, same time some military plane flew above me, FUCKING MILITARY CRIMINALS, finns are being murdered! If it wasnt assault done by finnish military at least they knew somethings going on and followed my car AGAIN.

ps2. adding that i tagged/categorized almost everything corrupted but this secrecy makes you suspect everyone, all these nasty remote torture experiences in 3 different finnish cities, there has to be some people in Finland who know about these crimes but they arent telling it to everyone, secrecy is power.

TI RALLY speeches part1

Exactly same going on in Finland (Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Oulu), criminals stalking apartment, hacking computers, sending insulting finnish ads/spam based on eavesdropping, remotely torturing even in this apartment (like happened in Rovaniemi apartment), and as i wrote earlier ive seen also corrupted cops/security using these remote torture frequencies. Even in Attendo next door, strange behaviour from the people who work there, OR are they patients?, they seem to stalk when i go out from the apartment, and ISS Oulu has at least some gangstalkers working (like in Rovaniemi).Gangstalkers know when i go out, where i park my car and they have access to all security cameras.And guess i mentioned earlier some military seems to be involved too. Feels like im being slowly murdered.

ps. and let me add this question again: “How many they murdered already?”. You cant track these criminals but with right frequencies they can cause you stroke, heart attack and many other symptoms.


Since Helsinki theres been some unintelligent people with intelligence technology trolling me in Internet and in real life. In Helsinki they used security firms to hunt me, similar stuff in Rovaniemi plus they used smartphone kids and older kids with helicopters and hornets to hunt me, and you know what i told about Oulu, only been living here about 4 months and seen the military corruption too many times (high altitude drone and little planes with chemtrails following me like predators). Plus countless amount of other people who stalk when i go out from the apartment.

Soundcloud, as good as independent music platform it is, has been a intelligent troll platform too. In Helsinki soundcloud fake profiles even knew when i was remotely tortured (radiated) in the streets, trams, bus or central park, now they like to inform me (with countless amount of “pressureworks” profiles) when i measure my blood pressure, thats how intelligent these trolls are.

It would be easy (at least for some intelligence firm) to find out who these criminal are, creating huge amount of fake profiles based on apartment stalking. Are these
predators finnish, american or from some other country, maybe theres still some bitter security firms hunting  me because i wrote a blog about their security camera misuse in Helsinki.

Gangstalker trolls and their finnish advertising agencies have gone so far i
hope someone murders them. No wonder children are raped all over Oulu, military pussies just hunt me and probably some other easy targets as well. Army against one man, how brave is that? You cant even compare finnish military today and veterans who fought for this country.


…assaulted again, immediately when i was alone in this apartment, about 15 mins ago, some remote assault to the left side of my brain, almost fainted, obviously another murder attempt.

ps. and why i added Google to possible crime suspects list is that the dude in the Rovaniemi police infodesk said its Google when i went shouting about some car tailing case again, also emails coming from gmail seems to be manipulated/fake sometimes, everyone knows NSA is working with Google/Facebook. And little kids in Rovaniemi and their smartphonegame was used to hunt me, not sure if it was Pokemon GO?

ps2. Google also seems to use RECAPTCHA for trolling, have to solve these fucking puzzles forever, cant even access soundcloud anymore.

ps3. another Google-related ISSUE, everyone probably knows targeted adds and “recommended to you” videos, but lately these recommendations have been really nasty, they suggest something about car crash, hospital, etc.. almost like the geeks who manipulate these wants me dead.

ps4. Article about Pokemon GO, CIA, NSA. Still not sure what game these little smart phone wankers used to hunt me around Nivavaara/Rovaniemi, they came fast after i parked the car, and there seems to be some older “little kids” in Oulu who locale cars and tail you for fun, as fucking cowards these criminals are. So be warned smart parents of smart kids, your kids might be used to hunt people not pokemons, and im FUCKING TIRED of this corruption and wallbanging neighbours.

44 & 666

Fascist gangstalkers seem to love these numbers in Finland. Next one only in finnish, im tired of translating and the enormous corruption. 4.4 (celebration day of soldiers of odin) työmarkkinatuen maksu lopetettiin (hetkeksi) ja 44:s avainkoodi mutsin Osuuspankin avainkoodilistassa sisälsi luvun 666, myös useat laskut mitä lähetetty ovat sisältäneet 666:den, kuinka vitun lapselliseksi maailma meneekään, voiko enää pankkiinkaan luottaa joka harrastaa tällaista lapsellisuutta jopa avainkoodilistoissaan? Vai kontrolloidaanko Suomenkin tietojärjestelmiä joistain ulkomaisista tiedusteluluolastoista, Helsingissä jo vaikutti siltä että TE-toimistonkin tietojärjestelmiä manipuloidaan vain kiusaamistarkoituksessa (stalkkaamiseen perustuvia työtarjouksia, joista soittaessa työkkäriin heidän puhelinlinjat katkaistiin).

One more thing in english, these criminals who hunt (want to murder) me are very professional, there might be corrupted cops, military officers, security firms and other people involved. GANGSTALKERS DIE TOO, sooner or later! Fucking nazi scum!!!!

ps. DNA:n laitteita myös manipuloidaan urakkapalkalla, aiemmin mokkulaa, nyt TV-hubia ja modeemia.

ps2. lisätään vielä isän kuolemaan liittyvä “tietokonevirhe”, vai oliko sekin hakkerointi, kiireellinen tieto haimasyövästä myöhästyi paljon terveyskeskuksen outojen tietokoneongelmien vuoksi. En syytä terveyskeskuksia, enkä työntekijöitä, mutta voiko näihin hakkeroitaviin tietokoneisiin/-kantoihin kukaan enää luottaa, kuka takaa ettei omakantoja ynnä muita manipuloida? Voiko luottaa omiin verikokeisiin, keuhkokuviin ym. tutkimuksiin, ettei niitä joku kriminaali manipuloi? Kaiken maailman feikkiprofiilit/spämmääjät/mainospaskiaiset joka nettipalvelussa tuntuvat tietävän että minutkin murhataan kohta, ainakin vihjailevat koko ajan.

Fort Meade Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons

Old truths from 2006, some of these techniques are also used (also police) to murder finnish people, dunno if government knows about these experiments, if they do they are murderers too.