Proper opening from “retired psychiatrist” in finnish forum about electronic harassment, talking about hundreds of finns who has reported experiencing electronic harassment. Where are you all? Are you scared? Hope one day the finnish targeted people, psychiatrists and trolls dare to write with their own name, it would be much more efficient.


Seen this same brightly glowing object here that was flying around Rovaniemi every day, some kinda military drone or satellite to stalk people? All this hich tech used to hunt pedestrians, tail cars and stalk apartments but same time elderly people abused, children raped and patient raped in local hospital, plus all the surveillance data shared to the trolls of advertising agencies. Finnish government should really watch themselves in a mirror, watch in the mirror idiots or are you really trying to divide this country by spreading the fear on purpose? Divide and rule, all you need to know about democracy?


Thought to post Bill Binney interview next but this was even more interesting. These women (and people all around the world) are experiencing similar remote torture as i told you earlier, sudden heatwave/radiofrequency/microwave/whatever assaults and there might be even satellites used to these global criminal activities. Only total cowards torture/murder people remotely.

American “Zersetzung”

Just a short take from this article by Karen Melton Stewart

“Some targeted individuals even are secretly injected with RFID chips to locate and monitor them like pet dogs, but also experimental medical chips that can time-release drugs, cause movement or pain involuntarily to the victim, direct electronic weapons more precisely, or break down muscle, tissue, bone, etc. to simulate deterioration caused by disease to better understand the disease process.”

I remember one strange blood sample taking from Helsinki, nurse was shaking all over when i sat there and she missed the vein first, then tried again and succeeded, maybe she was just shy because im so tall. But sure it feels like theres some nanotech inside me, at least one in my brain, that these psychopath stalkers are using to torture me in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. And how these perverts also follow where i walk? Satellite corruption or chip inside me?


All these happenings in Rovaniemi are straight from some gangstalkers manual, stalker terrorists trying to break your apartment, your car, some kinda poison gasses to apartment, military/border guards following you, assaulting with helicopters/hornets, stalking your devices, maybe they even get extra-pay to destroy everything, to murder me, at least they are war heroes in their facebook nazi-loser group.

Let me tell you another example from last summer, loud noise, roof was shaking, like someone desperately trying to get some supporting pillar/wood to break, from the sound i thought there must be some hydraulic pump used to this terrorism, just like the one what i just saw this one neighbour had in his garage.

What happens if they can break that supporting roof wood/pillar?

ps. And if theres any humanity and non-corrupted authorities left,  please someone stalk/hunt down these military bastards terrorising people, some of them (i hope not all) are out of control.

ps2. I rarely, never, stalk neighbours/anyone in internet, but now i had to find some information, and there seems to be a link between my neighbour and these border copters (Lapin rajavartiosto) that started hunting me soon before they moved here, AND maybe theres a link to Lapland air command too, they know when i go out from the apartment, they know when i open my modem, when i drive to grocery store/library/etc, theres been copters even harrassing my walks/jogging. GANGSTALKING IS TERRORISM, GANGSTALKERS ARE COWARDISH CRIMINALS! And got lot of spam/fake profiles that theyve been watching this apartment with some hi-tech equipment, maybe those thermal cams. Its scary that these military psychopaths have probably some directed energy weapons too or at least they know the murderous frequencies better than anyone.

RAMOLA D newsbreak 10

EXACTLY whats going on in Finland and probably the reason why all security firms were after me in Helsinki (at same time drug squad was doing crimes, just to remind you) and now even Defence Forces stalking/assaulting me in Rovaniemi. Maybe some police just added me to some list of “very dangerous people” many years ago because i got furious of this troll/stalking/eavesdrop bullshit and one of them was hinting that im crazy. Look at internet now, EVERYONE is trolled/ manipulated.

Bit similarly this woman was gangstalked and then police turned it against her lying shes gonna kill the government, she has guns, whatever, probably tank and warhead too.. so most of these terror threats are based on lies and the mainstream media believes everything, real crime lies much much deeper in this deep shit deep state.

ps. if you need some unsolved crimes, start by inspecting this mysterious “snuff rally” by asking from cops, military personnel, border guards, security guards how they got their upper lip stuffed with that cat poo.