Was already wondering about the death of 2 finnish celebrities, Matti Nykänen/Olli Lindholm, both around 50 years old, now Luke Perry/Keith Flint around the same age. These might be so called natural deaths (what is a natural death anyway?) but to be honest i think some of these might be caused/affected by the murderous mobile frequencies around us. I have measured them everywhere, in the streets, grocery stores, in cars, everyFUCKINGwhere. There also seems to be professions, military at least, and police/security, who might know more about these frequencies than average citizens, but for some reason these are kept secret. Also theres many studies about the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies but noone seems to care? Politicians around the world should wake up, you might be zapped too, accidentally or on purpose.

OLLE JOHANSSON – electromagnetic frequencies & health effects

interview from 2014, neuroscientist/professor from karolinska institut talking about electromagnetic hypersensitivity, mindcontrol, etc.. earliest cases (face-burning monitors) from the early 80s and lots of studies about health and other effects of frequencies but society/politicians dont care.

they are also trying to help people with frequencies (stimulating dead muscles etc.) but he mentions that military might be interested of using some frequencies too.