Through the decades theres been people who think they are stalked through their apartments electrical wiring, maybe its not conspiracy theory? For how long intelligence agencies been using similar technologies than these gadgets.

OLE DAMMEGÅRD – terror in Denmark

controversial theories about that some of these terrorist attacks are set up (false flags) by “power pyramid” also known as the new world order or illuminati whatever (some bunch of too rich geeks anyway). Dunno about those theories but i agree theres some kinda fear-raising era going on, they scare people too much, terrorists everywhere and only terrorists ive seen in Helsinki and Rovaniemi are the people who stalk/hunt others without any good reason. Like if security guard came
to “guard” me in grocery store in Helsinki, some people thought im a dangerous
terrorist and were shaking. So if they were hunting me, and probably other innocent sausage buyers, it tells me theres no real threats/terrorists in Finland, just lame bloody STREET THEATRE to make people scared. Of course people get angry if they are followed 24/7 with security cams/satellites and manipulated in every social media, then security and police are needed.

ps. Couple of similar happenings from Helsinki-Vantaa. Security always recognized me and sometimes one of them came “guarding” me and other people thought im a terrorist. This kinda corruption should be criminalized, if i havent committed any crime and they have no real reason to watch me. Its almost same than adding my photos/information to some web page and label me as a terrorist.

pa2. Then these 2 cops from Helsinki-Vantaa, other one was pointing me with camera from that techshop, just to let me know they are stalking me and im the biggest terrorist in that airport, fucking cowards, dont you have any real terrorists?

Dr. RAUNI KILDE – the grande dame of consciousness

As i wrote earlier saw this lady last time in the 80s finnish UFO/paranormal TV-programs. They were entertaining and made you think but wasnt sure if shes sane or not. After watching this interview im still not sure about all of her theories, but  things are possible, we dont know much about this world and the universe around it. She also experienced some remote electromagnetic torture and was able to prove it with RF-meter, dunno if she was murdered. Been thinking/noticing the same, shes talking about Breivik, that they might manipulate people to do these crimes. Connections manipulated, phones/devices/modems hacked/stalked, satellites/security cams used for stalking/bullying, cars followed, etc. and if those doesnt make you angry, theres probably more… like this remote torture.


As much as i like Dr Hortons work to help targeted individuals, theres things in her videos that need more evidence/facts, not gonna go into details, anyone can make their own conclusions. Based on my own experiences i can say the system is pretty much fucked up (in twitter it seems to be fucked up all around the world), theres some rogue cops/security/military/intelligence in every country doing whatever they want (i hope not all are rogue yet) and no one is controlling what theyre doing. We are being stalked, followed, some people are targeted, we are being radiated not only randomly from mobile devices/cell towers but also on purpose, like i told earlier about my experiences in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. How its possible spammers/fake profiles know immediately if i feel murderous radiation in the streets, in tram, in bus, at home or elsewhere, sometimes they even knew (in Helsinki) if my feet or head was grilled, its definitely not just some random radiation. Of course i have no evidence how theyre doing it, from mobile devices, DEWs, cell towers or from satellites, but many times it has felt like an murder attempt, torture at least.

And like in the next vid im going to post here, Bill Binney is telling that not even the U.S. government knows what their intelligence agencies are doing, so maybe its same in Finland, the government might know something more than citizens but they dont know everything and theyre being stalked too, if not finnish intelligence then NSA, KGB, GESTAPO, SÄPO etc.

LINDA MOULTON HOWE – E.T. Experiments & Alien Races

interesting talk about alien races, universe, reptilians, animal mutilations, lying governments, frequencies, death, reincarnation, etc. many people probably feel safer to believe in a narrow elementary school truth but if you want to expand your mind check this out, and after all havent we all seen some lizards in a suit and a tie talking unbelievable trash. nice summary about human race: “all we do is war”.