40 years ago there was something called movie censorship in Finland to protect humble finns from video violence, now every kid aims to the head to get a nice bloody killshot, about 20 years ago there was a “conspiracy theory” called phone/apartment eavesdropping and people were hinting im crazy when i told im being eavesdropped, now they are trying to censor all “conspiracy theories” so they might be also censoring the truth.

RAMOLA D REPORT 82: censorship

as i tweeted about this earlier, theres some similar experiences ive had during years, like an pro-assault to shutdown all my connections and devices. Connection is 10 times slower than was promised, phones/modems/emails stalked/hacked, sites blocked, uploads blocked, communication breakdowns, blogs sabotaged, social medias manipulated, etc. list is endless. But how anyone can be sure who to blame? Is it FBI, CIA, NSA, SUPO, KGB, swedish intelligent boys, MI5, MI6, finnish military unintelligence or some overweight pimplefaced geekmeister fucking with your devices and connections? I should have my own intelligence agency to figure this out and send these unintelligent stalkers to jail.

Also seen a pattern if i install a new OS and they cant access my computer, then they slow down the connection, so there might be some unintelligent-men-in-the-middle.