Probably could happen in cable network of any other service provider.

1st of all internet manipulation, internet stalking; Someone can lower and speed up the connection suddenly and significantly, has nothing to do with computer/operating system. Upstairs family (at least) knows when i turn on the modem, when i turn on the computer. They also seem to stalk every room of this apartment and can notify with bangings if i go to toilet, kitchen, turn on computer/modem, etc.

2nd cable tv manipulation; Someone can manipulate the TV guide so it shows something good for spamming/trolling (similar to social media manipulation), not the TV-programs that are going on right now. Has happened in many devices, has nothing to do with digiboxes or TVs. So it looks like someone is controlling/ manipulating some internet node somewhere in the DNA cable network, maybe in the closest cable distribution cabinet?

ps. Isnt it strange when i used Internet earlier today under an hour, i had to pee 7 times, like someone remotely grilling my internal organs or chemicals/nanochip inside me. And i wasnt even using wireless connection, all wireless networks turned off and using old desktop computer. Didnt have any symptoms before i opened the modem/comp.