Noticed this several times earlier, when i turn on my cable modem without any wireless networks, use it with old desktop computer, apartment starts radiating like hell, ive measured many times its not my modem/comp. Seems like when i turn on the cable modem, upstairs family turns on their DNA wifi network (or some other radiating device) immediately,  somehow they know how to target radiation downstairs. Could someone who knows tell HOW THEY STALK THIS APARTMENT, CABLE MODEM and everything..feels like who ever is stalking/radiating this apartment is trying to murder me, there were similar incidents in Rovaniemi and Metsokangas, FUCKING MURDERERS!

I know where they keep their DNA router, its not rocket science to figure out when wifis are turned on, so it might be used for radiating the kitchen too.

These things are probably happening to others, in apartments, office buildings, stores, in the streets, etc.. theres lot of random radiation but theres also many hate-fueled neighbours and other haters  trying to radiate the ones they hate.

ps. and im not the only one who noticed they start banging their floor like crazy if i turn on the modem, or they leave when i turn on the modem, radiation/banging stopped immediately when they drove away.


Heres probably explanation how upstairs family  know what i listen with my desktop computer using headphones, if i stop listening something they bang the floor. Even today, about an hour ago,  i tried to edit one track and they constantly disturbed my work.

Same happened already in Helsinki, neighbours that werent even next door banged their door when i stopped editing or listening some track.

Power sockets are probably used for more , like stalking what electric device you turn on, maybe even apartment eavesdropping.

Im not surprised of these methods, im still surprised why theres so many people in Finland who are obsessed of stalking and disturbing me, in Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Oulu.  Upstairs family is scared to say their last name, why they are scared if theyre not stalking me?

Would like to make a complaint about the cyberstalking going on in this apartment, they seem to stalk every room in this apartment, they know when i turn on modem/computer, etc.. but i dont know their name and police probably cant do anything, OR they are not willing to do.. what options are left?


Its obvious theyve been trying to keep me awake many nights, they are not happy if you fall asleep before them, but couple of times also noticed theyre also not happy if you sleep longer than them, like this morning, banging the radiator, dropping something heavy to their floor to get me awake. Noticed that the daddy with their 4-year old left early so it was the obsessed little mommy banging the radiator and floor. If not the whole family are stalkers, at least this teenager looking mommy is too much obsessed of stalking and disturbing me and using their 4-year old to do all kinda nasty things. Dare to say shes more obsessed of stalking me than raising up their 4-year old, brave new world, brave big brother generation.

What a waste of time to write about this but this kinda similar behaviour been going on in 3 finnish cities, always at least one stalker family or lonely stalker pervert and some kinda disturbing bangings to walls, roofs or floors, internet stalking, apartment eavesdropping, car tailing, surveillance abuse, so something is really fucked up in this amazing finnish society.

ps. has probably nothing to do with this, I HOPE, but my left eye been radiated many times lately, also got “electric eye” song recommendation last time i was logged in to soundcloud, strange “co-incidence” again, like the soundcloud manipulators know about the remote torture as they did in Helsinki.


Ehkä taas grillattiin kun ei blogipäivitystä/twiittiä tullut, 10min sitten keittiössä, yritin kokkailla, yhtäkkiä mieletön säteilytys, korvissa alkoi soimaan. Yläkerran penikkaakin taas juoksutettu perässä, heti kun menin olohuoneeseen aamulla penikka käskettiin hakkaamaan lattiaa pään päälle, koko ajan stalkkaavat asuntoa. Naapurin raksamieskin lähti sopivasti etägrillauksesta johtuneen raivokohtauksen jälkeen, ehkä sattumaa. Nää on niin raukkamaisia tekoja että tekijät pitäisi kylmäverisesti tappaa. Kytätään missä huoneessa olen ja säteilytetään murhaavasti.

Keittiön säteilytystä oli jo Rovaniemellä, sitten Metsokankaalla, mikä mieltymys murhamiehillä on keittiöiden säteilytykseen?


Not sure what this is (maybe caused by chemical) but happens usually same time when upstairs family is banging their floor (or whatever they are doing), symptoms; irritates upper lungs and throat, makes you cough viscous fluid (slime) before you can breath normally again.

Same time the air quality sensor jumps to maximum (red).



Toyota remotely controlled again in parking lot, didnt press the remote unlock but car lights were flashing when i walked to the car, so someone is stalking when im outside, when im walking to the car and using the similar unlock/lock frequency just to let me know they can open the Toyota locks (or at least they can flash the lights). This happened many times in Rovaniemi (wrote about it earlier). Btw same happening to some other cars in the same parking lot, when i walk past someones car their remote controlled lock is opened/closed, just to let me know they are stalking the yard. So only question is; is it one of the neighbours or can some criminals control remote locks from long distance?

Go ahead and buy remotely controlled locks to your apartments/summer cottages too.