Remembering the 70s, 80s, 90s, i had nothing against advertising, advertising was just short commercials on TV,  nothing to get mad about, they were funny or ridiculous. Around 25 years ago, MySpace was cool, social media was amazing, you could connect with people all over the world, even online dating was working, then they invented targeted advertising. Immediately Myspace ads was based on apartment eavesdropping or internet stalking, i got furious, who is this fucker stalking me and sending insulting ads/spams, WHO IS THIS FUCKING LOSER, I WANT TO TEAR HIS LAMER HEAD OFF!

Now, the most of the people know how it has developed, if you say something bad about advertising you are slayed in digital world, trolled and manipulated in biggest social medias, you are dirt that must be hunted and murdered with modern technology military weapons. Richest politicians (ex-ministers) can use your Twitters you may also like -section under their election campaign, they get their face there by paying huge sums of money, hundreds of troll profiles and social media manipulation are probably bought with same money as well.

When Google builds a data center (for their ads) to some small finnish town, everyone bows Google, God is nothing compared to that, Google brings jobs and wellfare to our little town, in Google we trust, Hail Google! But what happens when Google decides to leave, who do you trust then?

ps. If someone thinks im using lot of time to these blog writings, youre wrong, this took approx 15 mins, takes a longer time to write a one sentence album review to my other blog.


UPDATE: Called to this agency and they say theyre not doing targeted speaker ads or android TV youtube troll bullshit, seems like no one knows who these little stalker nerds are, all i know they can eavesdrop/stalk apartments/phones and they have little bit brains to do “advertisements” in finnish, Google might have something to do with this (also desk jockey from Rovaniemi police was saying this). It feels like everyone in Finland (military, police, security, etc.) is worshipping those who command these stalking satellites, is it Google, some intelligence agency, only time will tell, truth comes out sooner or later, and i hope these criminals will be executed.

Seems to be the advertising agency doing S-ryhmä/Arina advertising, i cant be sure but some agency did very insulting targeted ads already in Helsinki (Alepa), they also knew what i buy from grocery stores/stockmann/etc.., then insulting ads from speakers in Rovaniemi (Sale Nivavaara) and now same shit going on in Oulu. They probably do these finnish android TV (DNA)/google ads based on apartment stalking/eavesdropping. Is it a co-incidence that Kokoomus Oulu is located in same building, also get their ad to android-tv? Some kinda politicial bitterness behind this persecution?

Anyone can make insulting ads but ive been targeted many years by some total cowards with ads that are many times based on phone eavesdropping or apartment stalking.

ps. i dont know who did these but couple of examples from android tv youtube section (rough translations from finnish), last weekend got something like this: “next week the code activates and youre gonna break…”, and yesterday opened the plastic bread pack and after that advertisiment telling “this is how you close your bread pack properly” and nothing else, not even an advertisement just some shit done by trolls, guess they even have to pay something to send insults to me. Who the fuck gets kick out of this? Must be really bitter people, this kinda targeting going on over 20 years already, since myspace started showing ads. If they troll little kids similarly theres gonna be lots of suicides and mass killings in future…


While advertising my own products, yea go and buy, i could say a few chosen words about targeted advertising that started around myspace times. It was immediately something insulting based on stalking/eavesdropping and after 20 years same craziness going on. Sometimes wondering why it has to be insulting, why internet advertising makes you hate advertising agencies? Now i have this android TV thing in da house and otherwise clever device but insulting advertising based on stalking, there must be some bitter boys in some advertising agencies, arent they making money or what the fuck is their problem they are so bitter and hateful? Also in some grocery stores you have to listen these bitter and clever advertisement, you rather go to other grocery than listen some bullshit from anonymous advertisers.

ps. heres some help to install stopad to android tv, not sure if it blocks everything, got Kokoomus advertising immediately after installing this and even the DNA TV section was manipulated so had to disable it too.