After some while was driving again with electrosmog meter turned on and radiation levels in areas i usually drive have increased noticeably recently, is this the effect of 5G rollout? Almost everywhere my meter is on the yellow level and sometimes (close to cell towers) even showing red; What laws are allowing citizens to be burned with such a frequency levels? Or is there any laws about radiation levels yet? For a few times i felt like losing my consciousness, frequency zaps so strong while driving can cause accidents and be lethal. But yes, who the fuck cares! Mobile business is so huge, so go on and murder finnish citizens.

Strong frequency levels can cause many other health effects than just dizziness; migraine, stroke, heart palpitations/attack, etc.

2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G

Its true when people like me protest against 5G that theres not enough evidence/studies about the dangers, but is there evidence about it being safer either? People who protest against it have probably felt the health effects of earlier technologies. There was no 5G when i started feeling murderous frequencies in Helsinki around 2014, there was no 5G when trolls/spammers knew about the incidents when i felt torturous radiation in the streets/stores/tramstops of Helsinki.

All i know for sure is my experiences about murderous frequencies and the studies i found from the net while writing the university essays last year. Found some german studies dated back to late 90s about the people who lived near cell towers got cancer 10 times more often than people living far away from cell towers, people who lived in the top-floor of the apartment building with cell tower on the roof got cancer much more often than people who lived in the basement floor.

So theres clear evidence of the dangers of some frequencies but somehow they are hidden from the public. The mainstream media all around the world seems to just tell us about how wonderful these new technologies are, how these technologies are making our life so easy and smart.


Yesterday was walking in the street nearby with the dog and the electrosmog meter. I got measurements that wasnt there couple of months ago, continuous radiation everywhere, not very strong but its constant, maybe 5G? In the same street about 2 months ago there was still areas that had no electromagnetic frequencies at all. Brave new world? In some countries they seem to ban the building of new masts but Finland is always living in a stone age or is this the country where dangerous technologies are tested first? Politicians only wake up if something happens to them or their relatives?


smart meters, 5G street lights, satellite connected cars, nanotech in our bodies blah blah blah, then this is the new normal?

BUT, this doesnt explain targeted frequencies and how trolls know if youre radiated.

…and because in the mainstream news (in Finland) some expert saying again 5G is so harmless, check this out and think for yourself…



Was already wondering about the death of 2 finnish celebrities, Matti Nykänen/Olli Lindholm, both around 50 years old, now Luke Perry/Keith Flint around the same age. These might be so called natural deaths (what is a natural death anyway?) but to be honest i think some of these might be caused/affected by the murderous mobile frequencies around us. I have measured them everywhere, in the streets, grocery stores, in cars, everyFUCKINGwhere. There also seems to be professions, military at least, and police/security, who might know more about these frequencies than average citizens, but for some reason these are kept secret. Also theres many studies about the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies but noone seems to care? Politicians around the world should wake up, you might be zapped too, accidentally or on purpose.


chemtrails we see every day, smart dust you can breathe, nano rfid chips (released over 10 years ago) you can accidentally eat, probably tested on humans, no permissions asked, would explain many strange symptoms that are triggered on certain times, suddenly you cant breath, suddenly you feel getting a heart attack, suddenly your kidneys are aching, your internal organs are grilled when youre driving, etc. every day is a torture for targeted individuals, theres a murder spree going on…