This been going on since i moved to Rovaniemi, happened again when driving a short distance to grocery store. Murderous radiation on left side of my tummy, or pancreas, area all the time when driving, can they target cars from corrupted satellites? This feels like slow assasination too, if they can grill my pancreas and cause cancer. Maybe this electromagnetic hypersensitivy is a hoax and they are grilling nanochips in my body, one in my brains, one in my tummy.

Not sure if this has anything to do with what mark the car is, this has happened in two Toyotas.



Saw a conversation about this video on some Ramola D report, so was curious to see it.

I can relate only to what i have experienced/done. Many people with elecromagnetic hypersensitivy, me included, are using tin foil/metal shielding and silver-elastic clothing to block radiation. But theres many experiences that have started on certain time, or same time when i hear helicopter flying nearby, and it is much stronger radiation that 3G/4G is. Like this morning i felt i was assaulted with something while using laptop (maybe they can target laptops, even people from satellites, who the fuck knows anymore, this world is so sick). Was using 3G-connection quite long without any symptoms, until suddenly my brain was burning and it was impossible to use computer anymore. This experience is always so exhausting it takes many hours to recover.

Microwave/laser/sonic -weapons exist but how anyone can gather evidence that they are used? Or are they testing them on human guinea pigs? Or is it just neigbours playing radiation games? But i know how it feels when you feel like youre assaulted,  your organs/brain might be burning even if youre not even using laptop or phone, you just wish there was a bunker to go to.  And if you call to police they say “call an ambulance if you feel too sick”. What the F*** can you do?


Side project (or maybe the main project later) to my music blog droning earth. Ive been writing about gangstalking/corruption in some earlier blogs, now tweeting about but tweets are sometimes too short. I think ive been targeted for years because of my opinions, so trying to help people who are also targeted, doing the investigative work and blowing the whistles. Gonna post informative videos ive watched, my opinions/experiences and links to sites that are doing a great job. Is it intelligence anymore or just corruption? I think by raping our privacy every day they are developing more violence, war, school shootings and mass murders.