Should i be worried again about a guy who knows when i go out from the apartment, happened too many times and theres also other people who know when i go out or where i park my car.

I easily notice from gangstalkers when they recognize me, they smile like a fucking perverts or they cough loudly to notify me and when i try to confront them (walk against them trying to ask how they know when i go out, are they working for military, police or security) they usually walk fast to opposite direction, stalkers are usually afraid of confrontation. Could say the apartment number, could say how many dogs he has, guy is wearing pro-military looking clothes always, so he might be part of the military gangstalking that happened in Rovaniemi. And btw again when i was walking in Oulujoki beach, some silent surveillance plane or drone flew above me, silent sound but hearable.

Im writing these for my own security, i dont feel secure about police/military/security and other criminals following me around, they might be the ones who radiate (try to murder) me when im walking and driving.



In these hate-fueled times we are living many of us wondering how to make a few dollars more in this democratic world, should i steal from the poor or from the elderly people, thats a dilemma. But what about starting your own security business. All you need at first is a uniform and a tiny car with a fancy logo, three red balls or something. Then all you need is some fear-filled customers. Start by terrorizing the neighbourhood or your local grocery store, boot down the door, smash the windows, even better wear your skimask and rob that joint, MAKE THEM FEAR! After the dust has settled send them targeted advertising or spam about your brand new security firm patrolling the streets, 360 degree security solution and cameras to every possible corner, security guy visiting your store every day, youre gonna feel so safe 24/7.

OR if youre a programmer dude, you could program your own antivirus/firewall/VPN solution in visual studio 6000 with java++ for embedded flashy enviroments, of course with everyday automatic security updates downloaded from some server near you. Again you need some customers, MAKE THEM FEAR! Hack someones or companys computer, bigger the company the better, steal all their material, jam their computers. After the dust has settled send them targeted advertising about your all-around security solution to smaller and bigger businesses, works for end-users of home edition desktops/laptops too, not forgetting mobile users in dangerous situations, with our software youre gonna feel so safe 24/7.


Remembering the 70s, 80s, 90s, i had nothing against advertising, advertising was just short commercials on TV,  nothing to get mad about, they were funny or ridiculous. Around 25 years ago, MySpace was cool, social media was amazing, you could connect with people all over the world, even online dating was working, then they invented targeted advertising. Immediately Myspace ads was based on apartment eavesdropping or internet stalking, i got furious, who is this fucker stalking me and sending insulting ads/spams, WHO IS THIS FUCKING LOSER, I WANT TO TEAR HIS LAMER HEAD OFF!

Now, the most of the people know how it has developed, if you say something bad about advertising you are slayed in digital world, trolled and manipulated in biggest social medias, you are dirt that must be hunted and murdered with modern technology military weapons. Richest politicians (ex-ministers) can use your Twitters you may also like -section under their election campaign, they get their face there by paying huge sums of money, hundreds of troll profiles and social media manipulation are probably bought with same money as well.

When Google builds a data center (for their ads) to some small finnish town, everyone bows Google, God is nothing compared to that, Google brings jobs and wellfare to our little town, in Google we trust, Hail Google! But what happens when Google decides to leave, who do you trust then?

ps. If someone thinks im using lot of time to these blog writings, youre wrong, this took approx 15 mins, takes a longer time to write a one sentence album review to my other blog.


Everyone should think about this hate-raising in every media, ive experienced in various social medias that they are manipulated just to make people full of hate and anger, all kinda devices manipulated/hacked, computers assaulted, apartments eavesdropped in every finnish city, gangstalkers following cars, stalking when you go for a walk, privacy invaded 24/7, but whos profiting of all this? You need more police, security, military weapons in the middle of all the fear, hate and corruption but no one is inspecting why mass murderers go insane, are they trolled and manipulated in Internet/social medias? Its just easy to say they have mental problems.


New system (Deepin linux) working otherwise great but google requesting some searches like insults, like spams, like done by fucking trolls, and of course based on internet stalking, google as corrupted as facebook, manipulating people?

Only way to solve this problem is to remove the search bar, you can probably troll me with various other ways, all that matters is advertising, is this the reason the android TV is not working either?

I leave the option open it might because of the Deepin Linux but its definitely not fucking the android TV. Anyone else noticed Internet is just a big fat manipulation machine nowadays, manipulators probably creating these mass murderers too.

GANGSTALKING (short course)

Because there might still be people who are wondering what this gangstalking, targeted individuals phenomenon is and they might consider targeted people crazy, heres a short explanation based on my experiences.

1st of all it started from apartment eavesdropping and internet stalking/trolling about 20 years ago in Rovaniemi, later there was some in Oulu. If some people get access to your computer they might want to stalk/follow you in real life too. Apartment eavesdropping makes it easy to follow when someone goes out, listen conversations in apartments/houses and send spams/advertisement based on eavesdropping. Its still a mystery to me why some people are so interested of stalking others every day, their own life might suck or they have some serious mental problems.

Things really escalated in Helsinki, all 3 major security firms (G4S, turvatiimi, Securitas) started following me everywhere in Helsinki (before i started writing a blog about security corruption), they recognized me from their cameras in Malmi, Itäkeskus, Kontula, everywhere, it felt like total privacy invasion and i had never heard of gangstalking/targeted individuals yet. Someone (maybe Helsinki police was involved) told them to follow me around, hunt me in stores, in streets too.. And what happens when peoples privacy is invaded every day, they get angry, some might go crazy, maybe even commit suicide. All this was probably related to internet stalking as well, was writing the droning earth blog and had some lame Win XP. And when i started blaming cops/security firms and making funny pics about politicians publicly in my other blog, then the hell broke loose and it started to feel im radiated/tortured with some remote method in the streets, busses, central park, trams etc.. and anonymous spammers/soundcloud trolls knew about this torture. Same time it felt like facebook is doing some psychological tests as well and they admitted it later, so Fuck you Zuckerberg and your criminal intelligence friends! What happened later, you can figure it out, read all my posts..

Also got to mention some of the finnish military (lapland air command/border patrol helicopters) joined the hunt when i moved back to Rovaniemi. Something similar started also when i moved back to Oulu again.

Now when im writing about my experiences publicly its easy for all kinda perverts to join this hunt. Immediately when i move to some new place theres plenty of criminals who know my adress, who eavesdrop apartment, stalk internet connection, tail cars, cant even go for a walk to a nearby forest without some plane flying above. Like i said in my earlier post in finnish, society has gone insane with all this stalking/torture technology, even some little kids are addicted to stalking, born to be stalkers, FOLLOW FOLLOW, STALK STALK, be only happy in your miserable life if you stalk someone with your dumb fucking phone.

And when these gangstalking losers ( did i ever mention stalkers are the most cowardish people on this planet) start to disturb your mom too you really feel like you wanna murder one stalker with your bare hands!

ps. Whoever is manipulating twitter too, fuck you cowards, im not scared of you!!!

ps2. Heti edellisen tekstin kirjoitettuani erään pizzerian lähistöllä, paikalliset kyylät tietävät paikan, taas erikoista käytöstä penikoilta, samaa kuin Rovaniemellä, penskat käyttäytyvät kuin puhelimella ohjatut robotit. Vihreä-kypäräinen pikkujätkä pyöräilee älypuhelimen käskyttämänä ensin ohi, kuin etsien jotain, kääntyy ympäri ja taas ajaa ohitseni, ja vielä kerran sama, kun palaan koiran kanssa vihreäkypäräinen pikkustalkkeri on vieläkin paikalla ja polkee pois vasta kun bongaa minut. Hetkeä myöhemmin kaksi älypuhelimella ohjattua nuorta tyttöä koirineen, pysähtyvät tuijottamaan noin 5 minuutiksi kävelyäni kun bongaavat minut. Kertokaapa joku viisaampi kuka näitä nulikoita käskyttää, heidän korruptoituneet vanhempansa vai joku peliksi naamioitu tiedusteluaplikaatio moukkapuhelimessa? Raukkamaista käyttää lapsia vihan välikappaleina ja tiedustelupalveluiden agentteina.