..reader can decide. Strange lights-related happenings in 3 finnish cities, some are years old, some not and forgot many.

Always when walking by one apartment building in Kallio, someone was flashing the outdoor light. If i went to one particular grocery store buying TV dinners and sausages, there was camera pointing at me and someone was always flashing the counter light. When walking home through Hakaniemi square market at night someone was flashing street light in the exactly same place i was walking, etc…

If i went to kitchen, someone could flash the light in the kitchen roof. If i went to the garage-side of the rowhouse, someone could flash the wall light in the corner of garage. When i went walking with dog to Vaaratie, someone flashed the streetlight above me. If i drove to santapark and parked car somewhere, someone could flash the streetlight exactly above the car. If i parked to Citymarket parking lot, someone could flash the street light above me. If i parked to Lidl parking lot someone was opening and closing remotely the car doors in the parking lot. Blah blah blah, cant remember more now…

Long time ago when i was studying in Oulu i walked through the same tunnel every morning, someone could flash the tunnel light on and off. Nowadays same harassment continues, in Äimärautio K-rauta someone was flashing the lights in the same place i was walking, someone can turn on and off the street lights in some places where i walk, OR when i went out of the apartment, someone could turn on and off one yard light in front of our door.

So what you think blog-browsing losers, am i being stalked and followed in Oulu too? How they do these tricks, with “smart” techniques, frequencies, drones or maybe even rogue satellites needed? Whatever it is, ive talked to enough many people in Oulu about the strange happenings or strange behaviour of someone and it sounds like im not the only one experiencing these things, are we living in the age of paranoia or are some “intelligent” bastards playing games with our mind? And to all those losers stalking me, you and your smart devices are being manipulated for sure.

Author: vesalahde

droning earth compilations, cover art, experimental music, music videos.

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