If President Niinistö is saying the theme of finnish indepence day is less lies and more knowledge, why noone is telling us the truth? The reason people are searching for the truth is because they dont know whats going on in this democratic independent country, or are we independent anymore or is our privacy sold to Google and intelligence agencies? How cars/pedestrians are followed around, what are these nasty radiation strikes in Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Oulu? Kind of powerful electromagnetic assaults that even soundcloud fake profiles and spammers know about, assaults that sometimes feels like murder attempts. Electromagnetic hypersensitivy doesnt explain why spammers and trolls sometimes know about the frequency strikes

Even this morning, around 9am, went walking with doggy to parking lot nearby, some guy with his dog walked past us, nothing strange yet, but then noticed he stopped and got something to his smart phone, looked like he started searching for something, walking around aimlessly like some smart phone app controlling him. Ive been telling you earlier how little kids followed me (or our car) in Rovaniemi and Oulu, some (in Rovaniemi) even came with their smart phones pointing at me and shouting “Thats the guy”, or “Here should be some pokemon”. Strangely also garbage truck drivers in Metsokangas always drove to same place where i parked my car, thought they were using some car tailing/locating app, same time soundcloud manipulators were recommending “garbage truck disco” to me. Also a lot of civilian car followers that i have no clue who those cowards are and who is manipulating them.

Well i asked from the guy today what hes doing, like searching something. He said hes playing pokemon (adult guy goddammit), showed me his pokemon app and said that the parking lot has been there as a target for a longer time, but he didnt explain what he was suddenly looking for with that app. I told about my earlier experiences and the theory that some intelligence agencies might be using the app for information gathering.

Maybe the police (or infodesk dude) in Rovaniemi was right about saying Google is guilty of following me around? Maybe finnish police and military is doing some co-operation with intelligence agencies and their rogue satellites? Only thing i know for sure there seems to be always some nerds who can locate me or my car. Let me tell you the truth geeks, youre followed too, youre manipulated, your smart devices are probably only smart for intelligence agencies.

Cmon everybody, wheres the spirit of the winter war? Finnish people today have nothing in common with those who fought for this country, all i see is bunch of losers banging the floors/walls, stalking neighbours, misusing surveillance cams and tailing the cars.

Author: vesalahde

droning earth compilations, cover art, experimental music, music videos.

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