In the finnish story in earlier post im telling what happened today and im serious about that theres possibility to murder people with these frequency traps in stores and streets.

I tried to explain in my blog already in Helsinki why surveillance abuse happens. Imagine all those surveillance cameras and people watching them, NOTHING HAPPENS, ITS BORING. And when people get bored they are inventive and figure out ways to get some action to cameras. First invention i noticed in Helsinki was this “flashing light” -phenomenon, they wanna see from cameras how people react if they flash the same lightbulb always when you are in grocery store. 2nd invention was in Stockmann, surveillance camera pointing at me and little bit water to my head from the fire alarm sprinkler, nice to watch how people react, like watching real time candid camera during work day.

And when i started writing a blog in Helsinki about all these phenomenons and security personnel following around, they probably thought maybe we could ZAP that dude little bit in the streets and grocery stores. Like the one of the many incidents in Töölö grocery store, felt radiation, felt like gettin an heart attack and surveillance camera pointing at me.

Theres just too many similar incidents in Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Oulu that they are definitely not co-incidences.

If you radiate people on purpose, its dangerous game, its cowardish crime, in the worst case (they might think its the best case) target gets an heart attack or stroke, if target dies its called murder.

Author: vesalahde

droning earth compilations, cover art, experimental music, music videos.

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