Winter coming, evenings getting darker, saw this flying light bulb again when walking with dog yesterday, not sure about time, around 6pm-7pm. Similar object that was flying around Rovaniemi, similar object that felt like following my car sometimes in Metsokangas, too close to be a star, too far away to be a drone. Not sure if it was watching me but just to be sure i showed middlefinger to the skies. Yea, call me childish but these apartment stalkers and pedestrian zappers are more childish, they are criminals.

Been also zapped many mornings in this apartment exactly 6am, brains cooked with some frequency or other technique, ive told you earlier how much these stalkercriminals love their 666:s, so be warned if this cowardish torture continues things might escalate again like they did in Helsinki when corrupted security/police were hunting me without a good reason (Same time when Aarnio was committing his crimes). Is it true that finnish government doesnt know anything about these new stalking/torturing techniques? If so there might be some criminals working in police, military and security, dreaming about the new world order, trying to murder finnish citizens. FUCK YOU CORRUPTED COWARDS!!!

ps. and upstairs stalker family, i know what you bitches are doing, disturbing us on purpose, stalking me like fucking perverts, are you getting paid?

ps2. my direct connection was blocked again but could get online with TOR-browser.

Author: vesalahde

droning earth compilations, cover art, experimental music, music videos.

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