In these hate-fueled times we are living many of us wondering how to make a few dollars more in this democratic world, should i steal from the poor or from the elderly people, thats a dilemma. But what about starting your own security business. All you need at first is a uniform and a tiny car with a fancy logo, three red balls or something. Then all you need is some fear-filled customers. Start by terrorizing the neighbourhood or your local grocery store, boot down the door, smash the windows, even better wear your skimask and rob that joint, MAKE THEM FEAR! After the dust has settled send them targeted advertising or spam about your brand new security firm patrolling the streets, 360 degree security solution and cameras to every possible corner, security guy visiting your store every day, youre gonna feel so safe 24/7.

OR if youre a programmer dude, you could program your own antivirus/firewall/VPN solution in visual studio 6000 with java++ for embedded flashy enviroments, of course with everyday automatic security updates downloaded from some server near you. Again you need some customers, MAKE THEM FEAR! Hack someones or companys computer, bigger the company the better, steal all their material, jam their computers. After the dust has settled send them targeted advertising about your all-around security solution to smaller and bigger businesses, works for end-users of home edition desktops/laptops too, not forgetting mobile users in dangerous situations, with our software youre gonna feel so safe 24/7.

Author: vesalahde

droning earth compilations, cover art, experimental music, music videos.

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