For a longer period of time (many years) the most of the promo music emails i get have something to do with stalking/death/murder/cancer/etc, only depressing topics for depressed geeks. Now one thats hinting about “burning a widow”, so are these fake promo email senders threating to burn/murdering my mom now with their directed energy coward frequencies? This is the reason i delete most of the promo mails immediately nowadays, just music/coverart created for spamming, murder-hungry trolls. Also these fake promo emails are many times based on stalking/eavesdropping…

So i can say 100% sure someone (or some “intelligence” agency) is manipulating emails or Internet traffic, as they manipulate social medias. You can still surf Internet “freely” if you use Tor-network (recommending Tails for all freedom fighters) and not log-in to any service, if you login, youre identified.


Author: vesalahde

droning earth compilations, cover art, experimental music, music videos.

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