RAMOLA D report 105

international organization for targeted individuals in the works, fundraising for chipscanning, people can be radiated (tortured) with or without implants, AND of course targeted individuals are claimed to be mentally ill all around the world, thats bullshit, GOVERNMENTS ARE MENTALLY ILL if you ask from me.

ps. theres over 100 cases when i experienced electromagnetic torture in Helsinki and Rovaniemi, but i again say this happening in Itä-Pasila restaurant was 100% evidence to me that corrupted cops can remotely torture people, one was doing something with his phone to grill my brain and other one came to watch my face from close range before they left the restaurant, like checking if they got some damage done. They are slow-murdering people who dare to write about police and military corruption.

Author: vesalahde

droning earth compilations, cover art, experimental music, music videos.

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