As much as i like Dr Hortons work to help targeted individuals, theres things in her videos that need more evidence/facts, not gonna go into details, anyone can make their own conclusions. Based on my own experiences i can say the system is pretty much fucked up (in twitter it seems to be fucked up all around the world), theres some rogue cops/security/military/intelligence in every country doing whatever they want (i hope not all are rogue yet) and no one is controlling what theyre doing. We are being stalked, followed, some people are targeted, we are being radiated not only randomly from mobile devices/cell towers but also on purpose, like i told earlier about my experiences in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. How its possible spammers/fake profiles know immediately if i feel murderous radiation in the streets, in tram, in bus, at home or elsewhere, sometimes they even knew (in Helsinki) if my feet or head was grilled, its definitely not just some random radiation. Of course i have no evidence how theyre doing it, from mobile devices, DEWs, cell towers or from satellites, but many times it has felt like an murder attempt, torture at least.

And like in the next vid im going to post here, Bill Binney is telling that not even the U.S. government knows what their intelligence agencies are doing, so maybe its same in Finland, the government might know something more than citizens but they dont know everything and theyre being stalked too, if not finnish intelligence then NSA, KGB, GESTAPO, SÄPO etc.

Author: vesalahde

droning earth compilations, cover art, experimental music, music videos.

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